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I’d like to talk to myself

Who would you like to talk to soon? I meant to write about this earlier in the day. However, I was a bit tired and unmotivated. This perfectly illustrates why I need to have a conversation with myself. Billy Idol sang about dancing with himself. He noted that: […]

Shotglass nostalgia

Do you have any collections? I love collecting items. Although, lately, I have been getting rid of some items that have needed to go away a while ago. Other things I’ve been moving on are those that sadly need to move on so we can mentally move on. […]

Warm to the touch of mind

How do you feel about cold weather? I am a warm-blooded person. I need heat and warmth. However, please keep humidity away. My hair, most certainly, detests humidity. Waking up to 100-degree Florida summers, for example, is unbearable to the overall well-being of my hair. Which is why […]