The monsters tore through the cortex

A hippety bop snd a hippety boop

No mouse stood up on the clock

But night time, it was

Till the morning sun came up

But, the sun went into a deep slumber

And, a shockwave tore asunder

The pretty flowers stopped blooming

Dopamine was shattered in the wind

No writing was to be had

No singing was to be quivered

The bows stood righteously

But the sun still slept

And, the monsters tore through the cortex

Consciousness was teetering

Bent knees and racing hearts lived within a blinding cacophony

Hope was all that brought comfort

But only to those who called out its name

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    “Hope was all that brought comfort
    But only to those who called out its name”
    It’s True It’s Like LoVE iN Peace What Good
    Are Letters and Words Paragraphs and Books
    If They Are Only Empty Shells on
    A Beach With The Sea
    Creature Long
    Gone From
    Living Within Home
    It Reminds me Dear Miriam
    Somewhere in the ‘Dead Zone of 66 Months’
    Yes “Beneath the Planet of the Apes” of The Living Dead
    Nuclear Holocaust of Soul As Such As Even Finding Beauty of
    A Sunset or Sunrise is So Much More Than the Letters of the Words
    It’s True Without the Living Sea Creature in those Empty Shells
    THere is No Beauty No Hope No LoVE iN Peace Bringing Faith
    For Another Moment in Life Really Worth Living At All
    As Without All the Colors of Feelings And Senses
    in Synergy Totally From Head to Toe That
    Emanate From our Nervous System
    Through Vagal Nerve HeART and
    Gut Indeed THeRE iS No
    Real Organic Soul
    Not Even the Memory
    of If We Ever Smiled or the
    Warmth A Beloved Pet or Even
    A Mother’s Touch of Unconditional Love Will BRinG For Real
    Bridge Over Troubled Water Within Oh Dear Lord For Those
    Interested in the Mysteries of the Mind Including The Sacred
    Holy And Real Divine of Soul Fully Integrating Mind and Body
    Whole the Research By Iain McGilchrist Celebrated Oxford
    Literary Scholar Neuroscientist And Head of A Psychiatry
    Department in His Resume That Led Him to Write
    The “Master and The Emissary” Far Beyond
    The Old Myths of Stereotypes About
    How Our Hemispheres of Mind
    Actually Process the World
    And How We may Lose
    Touch More Limited to Left
    Hemisphere Processes of Life
    Mostly About Grasping the World
    And Materially Reducing it Until the
    Only Emotions Left Are those More Closely
    Related to Our Reptile Brain of Fear, Anger, And Hate
    And Yes In General Attempting to Type Cast Existence
    Into Rules of Control TaKinG Away Richard Feynman’s
    iMaGiNATioN of Nature Within Inside Outside Above So Below
    And All Around Far Beyond the Control of Half A Mind That
    Seeks to Grasp And Control And Set All of Existence in Concrete
    in Stone
    Trapped in
    A Cave Until Coming
    Out into the LiGHT
    As Beauty Returns
    From Ashes For Real
    Dust in the Wind Finally
    With ColorS AGAiN And It’s
    True The Arts Are the Way Back
    to Not Just ‘S and M’ for SMart Yes
    or Just ‘HE’ for HeART or Even Just
    ‘P’ For Part and Certainly Not Just
    ‘Eh’ For EartH Bridge Over Troubled
    Waters of Soul Head To Toe And The Best
    ParT oF All IntegratinG iT All Finding Unity
    In All THaT iS No Longer Afraid of the DarK
    or Cynical of the iMaGiNaTioN of NaTuRE ALL oF
    Our FLoWerS UNFoLDinG LiGHT
    In Beyond Rainbow Colors
    For Us to Paint Together
    New And Best MaKinG
    A Bridge Over Troubled
    Water A Life For All ToGeTHeR AGAiN
    Rags to Riches of Soul For Real With SMiLes…
    Oh By The Way Iain McGilchrist’s Second Book
    “The Matter With Things” 1500 Pages, And Around
    600,000 Words Taking 10 Years of PainSTaKinG ReSearch
    Is Surely A Lot For Most Folks to Read Yet Commercial Free
    on Youtube in 28 Volumes in Summaries Only Waiting on the Epilogue to Finish
    A Multi-Disciplined Approach From a Real Modern Scholar And ‘Renaissance
    Man Modernly
    For What
    It Means
    to Fully
    Be Human
    Oh What The
    World Will Really
    Use With SMiLes Indeed…
    Sure i Will Put The Essence in Free
    Verse Poetry Yet It May Always Take
    A Scientist For Those With Only Half A Soul to Understand
    Dear Lord i Am So Fortunate Not to Have Spend Another 10 Years of my Life
    On That
    pART AGAiN..:)


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