Rapid unscheduled disassembly seems to be an everday occurrence nowadays

Starship, a powerful rocket was launch-tested by Elon Musk’s Space X team. The goal is for these rockets to take us to Mars and beyond one day. Albeit, still historic, Starship did experience what is being referred to as a rapid unscheduled disassembly.

The phrase describing the explosion has given rise to a slew of funny euphemisms. Feel free to insert your own here.

What I am admittedly readily amused by is the phrase itself and how it appears to capture what is going on all around us across the many facets of our lives. Some may note that Twitter is also experiencing a rapid unscheduled disassembly. The same can be said of decorum, etiquette, and general common sense. The traditional office space and worklife have also been disassembled. Although, many wish to fight that trend. I just don’t see how we totally unwind what many see as an advance in work/life balance. But what about giving people the benefit of the doubt? That’s rapidly disassembled, it appears. It’s accuse and act (harmfully, at times) and then maybe ask questions.

I can go on. Maybe I will later on. But you get the point. Disassembly is everywhere. Including my dog’s toys that go from new to shredded in 30 seconds flat.

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  1. Fascinating observations in your post today! The phrasing reminds me of the “conscious uncoupling” euphemism for the process of divorcing from a few years back.


  2. Well, what can I say, Mimi? I believe there is hope for the future, and I believe Elon Musk has a purpose for his actions. We’re either too little or too insignificant to be considered.
    Have a great day!


  3. “For here am I sitting in a tin can Far above the world
    The planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing left to do”
    Oh The ‘Space Oddity’ of the Human Condition Not Much Different
    Than ‘Oz’ Tin Cans Materially Reduced no Longer With Oil
    To Beat A HeART What Courage is THere oF A Lion
    When Lies Become the
    Standard of Truth
    True WHere is
    Even the Back
    Bone of A Fish
    Indeed What Happened
    to the Vertebrates When
    “ManHood’ Becomes Worms
    That No Longer Even Aerate Soils
    After Death As Such in Cooperation of Reality
    Did i Miss A Character Oh Yes The Scare Crow
    of Human Reason Yet You See Without the Oil
    For HeART Beats All That’s Left Is Truly
    Ignorance In A Tin Can Far Above The
    World Even though the Earth
    Is Blue The Love is to
    LiVE iN Desert
    SCaRCiTY Again
    Up THeRE or Down
    Here Dear Lord Why Go to
    A Dead Rock in the Sky When
    One May Color it Endlessly in a Poem
    Within Reflecting All of Existence Freely And
    Not Just Dead Rocks in The Sky in the Void Alone
    Other Than That
    i Won’t Be Purchasing
    A Tesla Ever And Ever Since
    Elon Musk Took Over Twitter
    Poetry Prompts in Twitter
    Feeds Have Been Replaced
    With Pimps Selling Women
    Indeed Same Old Desert Story
    Just Another Phallic Symbol Blown in The Sky
    Materially Reducing Reality to A Frigging Rock in Space
    Give me FLoWeRS
    or Give me
    FLoWERS Are
    Enough to LiVE NeWLY NoW FOR REAL…
    Dear Lord So Easy to go to the Moon in ’69
    We Haven’t Nearly ‘Had That Spirit Since’
    Then it Seems
    Go to the
    Moon to
    Find Out
    Where HoMe Is
    iN ‘Over View’
    THeRE Are So
    Many Short-Cuts WiTHiN HeaR…
    ‘Click Click Click’ Is This Really
    ‘Kansas’ or Just ‘Dust in the Wind’ Again…
    Indeed Then i Left my ‘Golden Slippers’ Under
    That House Deep From the South and Escaped
    “Devil and the deep blue sea behind me
    Vanish in the air you’ll never find me”


  4. According to

    Elon Musk coined the term, “rapid unscheduled disassembly,” as a tongue-in-cheek reference to NASA and other rocket providers’ penchant for using obtuse terminology to describe rocket disasters.

    I like the humor of it. When Musk is good he is very good and when he’s bad he’s a complete idiot.

    For the Starship launch, anything past the launch tower was considered a victory. Most first launches end in complete disaster. Musk’s first rocket, the Falcon 1, failed 3 times before succeeding.


  5. Who pays attention to quality of workmanship? I haven’t kept up with Elon Musk’s Space-X, but “rapid disassembly” seems to be a requirement for many modular structures, like homes, cars and other modern American products. Certainly, the components themselves are made of the lowest cost materials and workmanship.
    In my own home projects, I try to do my best work, but I’m often using old tools and scrap materials with which I have little experience, skill, or patience. I certainly wouldn’t want to build a spacecraft or even a ladder.


      • When you have inherited your familiy’s hobby tools, and the detritus that accompanies them, you are forced to make decisions about what to do with the stuff. My father’s woodworking and car repair tools, my mother’s genealogical and historical references, my grandmother’s book-binding press, and everybody’s furniture and books, just to name a few. I learned the basics from all, but have had to learn through practice how to use the materials to create projects that worked for my purposes.
        I believe each of us benefits by doing what we can with what we have.


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