I can’t allow myself to forget my blessings

Describe a positive thing a family member has done for you.

Family has been there for me. My mother was a primary force in my life. I still grieve her passing. I wouldn’t be me without her. And, my son wouldn’t be him without her. A prime example of goodness passing on through the family line.

But family is not just biological. Family can be chosen. Close friends can be as thick as blood relatives. And, then some.

I’ve been blessed to have a really close friend who literally dropped everything to fly cross-country in the course of a few hours to help me move, cry, and laugh. I had a lot of troubles and heavy burdens on my shoulder to carry. And, I needed to move during one weekend. I had a 7:30am lab appointment as I wasn’t feeling well. My friend, although three hours behind me, talked me through my concerns and bought a flight ticket and was at my place in nine hours. A friend shows up. Somehow.

Even though I’ve been through much the last few months, I can’t allow myself to forget my blessings.

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  1. SMiLes It’s So Much Easier for me to See How Much
    my Loved ones Have Helped me in Life Particularly
    When i See How Much So-Called Adversaries in Life
    Have Only Lifted me Up Higher Dear Miriam
    As Muse May Be Equally Powerful
    iN Both DarK And
    LiGHT Ways to Lift Us
    Up if We Accept Both the
    Troughs of Waves and Crests
    As The Same Height Valley Low
    Mountain Top And True Surf the
    Waves As HigH As Troughs Create Crests
    Marry the Night Merry The Day Yang and
    Yin Hold Hands Particle Wave Field i Am
    Naked Enough Whole Complete True it
    Will Get Rather ‘Esoteric’ To Describe
    Yet Those Who Arrive As Waves
    Appreciate the Troughs
    That Make the
    Crests Possible
    As Night Creates Day With
    SMiLes And Every Thing and
    No Thing Becomes As Beautiful As DarK iS LiGHT..:)


  2. You’ll never forget these blessings, cause they’re like a branding in your heart, so deep, warm and cosy, best feeling ever and a great gift…….so sad and wonderful in once your story ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. My mother was always there for me, until she wasn’t. I’ve never known anyone else so committed and reliable. She gifted me in ways good and bad, but it’s sometimes harder to appreciate the good, underneath all the physical detritus I now have to deal with.


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