Tag: hope

When a desire tastes so good

Crunchy Snappy Chewy Tasty Mouth-watering Appetizing Yummy Savory Delectable Scrumptious Delightfully delightful to one’s senses Wonderfully enchanting to one’s heart To yearn and burn To wish and dream it reoccurs To desire a most spectacular morsel of hope To fulfill one’s hunger So sweet and spicy to the […]

No blindfolds this time

Trepidation Been burned before Happiness turned to feelings of betrayal Joyfulness not everafter To trust again To build up anew A bloody pinprick Scarred up tissue No blindfolds this time No unwavering trust No gullible facades No more your crooked fingers But movement forward But thawed out veins […]

I dream of dreaming

I just want to dream Find joy in my inner thoughts Find comfort in a bowl of chunky soup  Hem a most awesome sail I want the perfect dream To cast a far thought with wide reach To trigger an avalanche of good humor Flex a most powerful […]

Macron  gives me hope

I am an avid political junkie that went cold turkey about 7 months ago. I suppose that may mean I was an avid political junkie.  I had to go cold-turkey despite decades of trying to understand and predict the politcial landscape. I couldn’t stand watching the so-called news […]

Unfinished: Where are you?

Dipping my fingers in the dark moistness Wondering if it is real Gasping at the dawn of hope Droplets streaming down Bathing in the confines of greatness I seek your noruishment Tell me that you are real Tell me you will be flesh Tell me you will arrive […]