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A midnight train to … where?

It’s almost midnight. And, rather unexpectedly I started humming to myself the song Midnight Train to Georgia. I have never really listened to the song. I just did in order to see what my humming was about. That song is actually rather sad about shattered dreams and returning […]

Hope is a time thief

To hope for hope. Is that a bad thing? Hope is eternal, or so they say. People often encourage others to not lose hope. However, hope can turn to despondency when hope is a time thief. You wait and wait. Then there’s no relief. Yet, giving up on […]

A someday list

There are so many lists out there. A to-do list. A run of show list. A shopping list. There’s even a book, which I admittedly bought, called The Checklist manifesto. I myself make a rather lengthy daily to-do list with two columns: work and personal. For a while […]