Walking in London, Tokyo, and racing others

What’s the most fun way to exercise?

I used to enjoy jumping rope until my knees didn’t. I used to run on the treadmill until my knees disagreed. I used to do the elliptical every day until the pandemic hit. But, what I have consistently done is walk, walk, and walk.

Twenty years ago, I got into top shape by walking over two hours each day. I enjoy walking and watching people. It’s like a roving soap opera. In New York, some of us who had regular long walking routines would often speedwalk against each other. Friendly competition encouraged each of us to high-performance activities. It was fun.

Then there is the “travel” walking which really is the best form of exercise. My trip to Japan was filled with days where I walked for over ten hours. On that trip, I lost seven pounds. And, I was content with all that I saw, experienced, and learned.

Be a walking tourist, of sorts, everywhere. If you can. I know my ability to do so has, sadly, diminished. But I remember those days fondly.

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  1. Recently I’ve discovered how crucial walking is, once again, because of pain. I’m having to walk consciously, placing every step deliberately, because the terrain everywhere is so uneven.

    This is probably not what you intended, because I have experienced the joys of hiking, of travelling–including having to walk miles through airports or train stations, as well as the streets of foreign cities–and of living in New York City. But I was much younger, then, and my body more agile.

    Being able to walk at all is a gift. Even when it is painful, as now, I appreciate that my body can still move from here to there, if necessary, if only to traverse the mazes of aisles in grocery stores, in the urban sprawl of Savannah.

    Even there, it can be like the adventures of travel, with plethoras of novel experiences we often underappreciate. The casual encounters with other shoppers, or with the cashiers, where I get a cameo of perspectives apart from my own, can make even routine tasks memorable.

    I limp, but I can still walk. For that I am grateful.


      • I used to enjoy walking and many forms of exercise, but now, walking, or even standing, is hard on my back, and I only do what’s necessary.
        Savannah is pretty, but I think I would like Cuba better. Never been there and only know it through reading Hemingway and various accounts about its history.
        Love your rooster painting. My live rooster is crowing now.


  2. SMiLes Dear Miriam
    Oh Dear Lord When i
    First Get Up to Move
    From Sitting Dancing
    Singing On This Fancy
    Dancy Singy Free iN

    Flow iMac

    And Screen

    i Surely Feel and
    Sense All of my 111 Kilograms

    Real Even Though i Still Leg Press

    699 Kilograms Just Warming Up at the
    Gym After i’ve Already Warmed Up in A

    “Safety Dance” Where my Feet Stay Close to

    The Ground Yet i Float Not Placing too Much Stress

    On Any of my Joints Sort of Like ‘MaGiC Fred XXL’ Hehe
    Yet of Course With Some Clothes on At the Military Gym

    Oh To be FRiEnDS With Gravity ThiS WaY Weight of Finger Tips

    No Longer

    So Heavy

    With “Older”
    Knees to the Ground Hehe

    A Leaf in the Wind As Once

    Again the Roots Rise Green And

    True A Dance of Life in What

    Might Be Described ‘Tai Chi’

    Dance Free Style of Course

    Like FredFu For Kung Fu

    FredKu For Haiku And

    FredBuns For Haibuns

    Ah Yes A “Safety Dance”
    Free Once Again to Fly Lower Higher
    Out of Caves BacK iNto Lamps ENLiGHTinG uS ALL UP..:)


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