The rain isn’t comforting, but just a reminder of fury

The rain is fierce

The rain is moving side to side

The rain wants to just kerp coming diwn

Pounding and roaring

It’s angry

The sky is furious

The rain isn’t comforting

But just a reminder of fury, ire, and pain

No sleep resulting from furious rain

Just knowledge of more anger to come

Angry, angry rain

Nostalgia is riddled with sharp objects

Time to wish the rain away

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  1. How Fascinating it is to Be Human in my Life
    Rain So Dark And Dreary So Calm And Peaceful
    So Empty As i Became Only The Roof And Windows

    Echoing And Projecting The Emptiness Within Upon The

    Raindrops Somehow Imagining Raindrops Were Making me Feel

    That Way Instead

    of Reflecting The

    Great Always Changing

    Within And Of Course Not

    So Great As Well Really Not So Well At All

    And Then The Joy of Getting Poured On After

    Already Drowning So Deep Within Beyond All Rain

    Even Beyond All Imaginable Death Oh How The Rain


    Dear Miriam indeed…

    How Fortunate to Master
    All Weathers And Seasons Within

    Understanding Where Weathers
    And Seasons come From Most Springing
    Falling Wintering Summering All Within

    Best Gift
    Best Curse
    Change The Same

    Let it Pour Softly on my Face…

    Hoping You Make FRiEnDS With Rain too With SMiLes

    i Surely Understand Difficulties in Relationships Within…


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