The Oscars: What to make of them

I used to love the Oscars. Yet, I have not in a long time. Today, however, nostalgia got the best of me. I watched the telecast with interest, although I have not seen 90% of the nominated movies. Considering how difficult this year has been thus far, I was longing for something that would maybe have some meaning. I longed for a creative lifeline, as Brendan Fraser actor.

It was nice to see comebacks. It was nice to see firsts. It was nice to hear people actually cheering each other on. What a concept. To feel glee at someone else’s accomplishments and happpiness.

And, as Michelle Yeoh noted: ladies, don’t let anyone tell you that you are beyond your prime. Oh yes! Much left to accomplish.

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  1. God Yes True Oh How Life’s Challenges Come
    Creating New Multi-Uni-Verses For Us Many
    Fold Over in One Life to Live True Even
    Michele Yeoh in So Many

    Ways in One Lifetime

    As Her Ballet Aspirations

    Changed From A Spinal Injury

    In Her Teens Ultimately Leading

    To An Academy Award For Best Actress

    in A Movie About Alternate Ways of Being

    in Multi-UniVerses Far Away Instead of

    Up Close And Personal Per How

    Really Every Breath We

    Take is A New

    in Some Ways Oh How
    Wonderful to Inhale Peace
    Exhale LoVE And Of Course

    It’s Nice to Have A Long Shelf Life

    Too When Generally Speaking Strangers

    Give Ya A 2 Decade Mulligan on Your Numbers

    As Assigned By Years of Course Yet Time Out of Time

    Distance Out of Distance Space Out of Space And Even Matter

    Out of Matter Dear Miriam

    As Each And Every

    Word Becomes An

    Avatar of Ever Changing SonG
    SoUL Just FLoWinG On SPiRiT Wind Dancing Free
    Will Do Yes Beyond The Grasp of Glass HeART Jars..:)


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