You: How did her hair and my own stay so nice?

I just finished binge-watching the Netflix show called “You.”  If you haven’t watched the show, it’s basically about a creepy, stalker  charming killer guy. I have a love-hate relationship with the series. Well, it’s more of a like-hate relationship.

As a creepy stalker guy, he finds himself caging women. This last set of episodes was quite dramatic, with one episode showing the victim’s point-of-view. It was a good, jarring episode. With that said, I kept thinking about how pretty her hair looked despite being caged for several months. I think the make-up crew could have worked on that a bit more. Now, further  with that said, I thought about myself.

I’ve been in some topsy-turvy world circumstances myself the last few months. And, unbelievably, my hair has stayed pretty nicely behaved in spite of me going for days without brushing it. Yes, I admitted there have been times I just could not be bothered. I managed to put lipstick on but didn’t brush my hair.

It’s all ok, though. I’m grateful my hair decided to cooperate. I just need everything else to cooperate as well.

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  1. Hehe Oh Lord It Takes my Wife Only A Few
    Minutes to Get Ready To Go Anywhere
    Make-Up is Beyond Her Repertoire
    And She Always Remarks How
    i Pay More Attention to
    my ‘Beauty’ Than She Does
    Hers Yet She Doesn’t Understand
    (The Mirror Seems to Never Let Her Down)
    She Doesn’t Take Any Effort With SMiLes too
    Dear Miriam
    Cheers For Going
    Without Brushing
    Your Hair With the
    Bare Necessities of Living Free…
    i Have no Choice If i Don’t i Become
    Snoopy’s ‘WoodStock Bird’ or ‘Alfalfa’ HAha…
    Yet No Longer
    A ‘Little Rascal’…;)


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