Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole

For weeks now, nothing has been quite right. Nothing had felt like a right fit. Overnight, my life changed a few weeks ago. And, I have gone through numerous permutations of how to get things done. I’ve tried to find many ways to keep things the same. It’s like I have been trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. And, it feels horrible. But as many have advised me, grief has its own timetable. And, corresponding adjustments also have their own timetable. I just have to remind myself that some things can’t be adjusted and other things have to be adjusted in ways I didn’t anticipate. I can’t force things beyond what they are capable of. It’ll all come together in due time. It must. It will. But, when it’s right.

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  1. Ocean Breeze

    Letting Order Go
    Finding Art in

    Breaths of Life

    Free iNDeeD Now So

    Hard to Do New When

    Life is So Pre-Recorded
    iNDeeD Dear Miriam Just

    Waiting For Us
    To Spin our

    Own Records

    Away From 33 RPM
    Or 78 RPM Or Whatever

    Speed Limit Breaks Wings
    iNDeeD Letting Go of Reasons
    Just Flying Art Free to Be Water and Air



  2. My older sister’s husband is on Hospice, dying of colon cancer. They were married just out of high school, and are both around 80. My brother-in-law told my sister not to make any major decisions until he had been gone for a year. I think that is sound advice. In times of tragedy, one can make unwise decisions that can’t be reversed.


  3. We all grieve for loved ones who have passed away. They can live in your happy, love filled memories. You may see something that reminds you of them out of the blue. It may be a message of, or sign of their love for you. One little butterfly or dragonfly that lights on your arm, can make you feel their presence and love for you. Try to remember the good times alongside the sad ones. Most important of all though is take care of yourself. They would want you to do that, for sure. Hugs. Take your time. It almost always gets better eventually.


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