I asked Chat GPT an important question: It’s answer was reasonable

Ok. Ever since I saw Terminator many moons ago, I’ve been afraid of the day when the machines rise up against us humans. It’s coming. Every day, we are an inch closer. However, considering the current state of humanity, I’m not too sure humans should continue in this state of being. Something does have to change for humanity to strive for long-term decency.

Now, everyone is talking about Chat GPT. What is it? Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, commonly called ChatGPT, is a chatbot launched by OpenAI in November 2022. People are astonished and amazed at all the tests, trials, and tribulations it has and is passing.

I decided to give it a try myself. As I sat drained from all the layers of emotional turmoil, I thought I’d see if a non-human would give me some sound advice.

I asked it: “How do I deal with ungrateful, antagonistic people in power?”. Then it responded quite sagely and simply:

Ask those persons to consider how they might feel if they were in the position of not having the support they need to do their job. If the ungrateful person in power fails to take this advice, then it might be time to consider looking for a new job.

Wise words. Now, how does Chat GPT propose to reach world peace?

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  1. Mimi,
    Assuming everyone wants world peace requires faith in humanity I don’t yet have. I don’t see many acting as though they want peace, even with their closest contacts.
    This new-fangled, artificially Wise One, apparently presumes it is possible to ask ungrateful, antagonistic people in power anything and expect a reasonable answer. Good luck with that.


  2. SMiLes Dear Miriam in “Real
    Life,” i Will Honestly Say i Don’t
    Meet and Greet Many to Any “ungrateful,
    Antagonistic people in Power”
    It’s Probably Because
    None of Them Have
    “Power” That Puts Them
    Above Anyone Else True if i Travel
    Far Enough i Will Surely Find Those
    People For me at Least Considering They Have
    No Power Over me It’s a Win-Win to Be Civil and Human
    With Kindness
    And Patience
    And Just
    Can’t Possibly
    Do Any Real Harm
    to me as Long As i Don’t
    React Negatively And That’s
    Key We Can’t Control Others Yet
    We May Master Regulation of Our
    Emotions And Integration of Our Senses
    Voila Free Verse Poetry and Free Meditating
    Flow of Dance As Well Takes Care of All of That
    Yet A True Key Now is Surely Not Actually Having
    To Work For Anyone in Power to Make a Living Again…
    Oh Dear Lord
    The Work
    Place Will
    Surely Be Sludge THiS Way…
    And For THere Ever To Be World Peace
    First Folks Are Gonna Have to Seek and
    Find LoVE iN Peace For Real Within Yes
    And Practice A Way of Life to Truly Keep It…
    i Put That and People First i Rarely Have Any Negative Experiences at all…
    At Least That i React to Emotionally or Sensory in a Negative Way of Course
    As i May Write Free Poetry or Dance Expressing Negative Emotions and Senses
    Yet That’s
    A Play of
    Life i
    in Balance..:)


  3. I had never heard of ChatGTP a month ago. And now I’ve seen a dozen blog posts ranging from it being the Herald of the Second Coming to it being a tool of the Anti-Christ.
    I predict that within two years it will be how a majority of blog posts are written and probably the scaffolding for a large share of term papers, if not the actual writer. It will also put call centers out of business and most support people out of work. I imagine the scripting of movies and television series will be a tempting target.
    Just one more step on the way to Star Trek.

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