The fallen knife said it would happen

She entered the old building on a lark. On a dare. She walked and walked, feeling her goosebumps take hold. She came across some old silverware randomly laid out. She picked them up and a knife fell.

She stared in horror at the knife. She knew that it was an omen as to what would happen at some point that day. And, indeed, it came to fruition. She had tried to fight it. But destiny had been set in motion. She should have never stepped into that building. Now, she was in the fight of her life.

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  1. SMiLes Dear Miriam i Used
    to Only Walk my Neighborhood Block
    At Night All The Windows And Doors Seemed

    Lifeless Until i Came

    Out into BreaKinG

    Dawn And Started

    Greeting Each and Every

    Neighbor Like ‘Fred Rogers’

    Hehe Now All the Homes Have

    Souls i Relate to Each and Every


    One For
    Real Oh How
    Wonderful Life
    Is When Flesh
    And Blood Real

    Never Ever Does A Hand
    Fail to Wave Back to me Now in
    This Little Village of A Neighborhood
    Of Around the ‘Dunbar Number of Less than 150’

    Other Than That All The Customer Service Representatives
    Who Have Become Life Long FRiEnDS EVeryWHere We Go

    Including The Ones Representing ‘That Man’ At Church too

    Oh God The Rest of the 600,000 Or So Of Our Greater Pensacola
    Area Only Feel and Sense me for Real As the “Dancing Man” Yes

    Now for 17,788 Miles in 113 Months HAha Famous And Named

    Living Legend

    For Not Saying

    A God Dammed

    Word Little Do they
    KNoW ALL About the 11.3
    MiLLioN Words of EPiC
    Long Form Poetry in 113
    Months FuLLY iLLuSTRaTED With Many
    Of Their Faces While They Are Taking Pics
    And Voyeur Videos of my Dance to Become
    Social Media Relevant too True Words Are
    Not Considered my Best ASSeT Anyway

    As It’s True my Wife Recently Caught A
    Young Woman Literally Taking A Pic
    of my Butt Behind my Back At Walmart

    Oh Dear Lord What Next Lord Only Knows

    Feels And Senses Hehe With SMiLes Just Dance Just Dance
    Yes Naked Enough Whole Complete iN PLaY With SMiLEs

    The Words Just Salad Dressing in Free Song After Dance of SoUL…

    Anyway Here’s ‘The Thing’ IF Like me You Ever Become Shut-in Your
    Home Like The Hunch Back of Notre Dame And The Phantom of the
    Opera For Real With Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Like A Dentist
    Drill in Your Right Eye and Ear That No Drug Will Touch From Wake
    To Sleep 66 Months Yes Called The Suicide Disease For Real Assessed
    As Worse Than the Torture of Crucifixion For Real Along With 18 Other
    Life Threats in Synergy of Medical Disorders Mostly Associated Then With
    Yes 11 Years of Work Related Chronic to Acute Stress Before The 66 Months
    oF HeLL WiTHiN Wake to Sleep Shut-iN mY HoMe A GReaTesT Gift God Yes

    oF All Truly

    Is Change

    And This
    Shall Pass
    As That is What
    My Mother Told
    me After She Said
    Why Not You When i Said

    Oh God Why Me Screaming

    To The Ceiling Just Like that

    ‘Painting of Scream’ LooKinG For

    The God of Nature BRuiSinG me THiS Way WiTHiN For Real

    Just For Always Doing What i Am Told With Not Ever Any No’s…

    Now i Do me

    Oh What

    A Grand
    Life Naked
    Enough Whole
    Complete iN PLaY So Free

    With SMiLes of Course With
    “ArT oF SmART LiVinG LoVE iN Peace”
    Thanks For This iNSpiRaTioN in Helping
    me Title This MacroVerse i Am Writing Newly Now..:)


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