Everyone wants to talk: I’m not quite ready yet

Here’s the truth right off the bat. When you lose a loved one, conversations become awkward. People fumble for words. They feel sorrow on your behalf. Often, they want to help. Many will reflexively ask how can I help?

Meanwhile, you feel overwhelmed and bombarded. You may find yourself providing words of comfort to them. You know you might need help, but an odd thing happens. You find yourself pocketing that information and subconsciously assessing skills sets of those offering help. Little by little, as things pop up up, you look over your mental list of potential helpers.

Throughout this process, however, words come hard to formulate. I still don’t pick up all phone calls. It’s hard to talk. It brings with it a bit of wear and tear.

But I am forever grateful for all the outpouring of support. And, I feel blessed to have that circle of support that I have come to realize is bigger than I ever imagined.

The words are starting to come. And, then I imagine it’ll be a deluge.

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  1. Your timeline and your son’s are the ones that matter. It will come, in waves. You will deal with each, you will ask for help when you need it, when you’re ready.

    And people like me, far outside, we don’t know how to help, but we care. So ask when you’re ready. And know we’re here. Maybe for when the close people are tired. To read when you need to write. To not disappear because it’s awkward. Missing is worse.

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  2. It takes so much time to find back on track…Dad passed away in 2021, and still today it´s hard for me to talk over, to catch helping hands…..I feel your pain and also the blessings from the people around, grateful for the souls who are waiting, waiting until we´re coming back in the sunlight.

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  4. Grief sets its own time…you’ll one day pass through the majority of it, but some will linger a lifetime. I lost my first husband to suicide many years ago. I didn’t think I would survive it, but I did. And eventually, was happy again, though not a day goes by I don’t think of him. Mostly, the good, though. It will come for you too. 💙


  5. I’m sure you know this already, but grief has its own timetable. Sometimes it can be hard to apply that to our own grief though. You are being held in the light. I’m so sorry for your loss.


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