Happy year of the rabbit: May that peaceful energy be with us

Today, we enter the Year of the Rabbit. I must say I haven’t been keeping track of the days this past week, and the lunar new year falling on this Sunday caught me by surprise.

We are entering the year of the Rabbit or, more specifically, the Year of the Water Rabbit. The Year of the Rabbit represents peaceful and patient energy. I think I will need to tap into that energy very much this coming month.

According to the signs, those who were born in a past year of the rat will have a difficult upcoming year. I’m already there. But for every difficulty and challenge one faces, the more resilient one can grow. Also, what I have learned during this past week difficulties bring out true friends and friendships rekindle.

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  1. My experience as well as a fellow Rat. Though I did not have “MORE challenges” on my wishlist for 2023. I really hope your year gets better, what an awful start you’ve already had.


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