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Gonna leave this untitled

Much is still unwritten. Many words are listed in the various dictionaries. And, why do we need so many dictionaries? Aren’t words, words? New words are seemingly added each day. Words that were once forbidden – meaning they were not considered to be words such as ain’t, are […]

Words can become jumbled

One can wonder whether it’s possible to run out of words The dictionary, as it exists, has many words to share Yet, a moment of silence erases the words Meaningless, unintelligible Words can become jumbled Yet, words may be all we have The world needs to be remembered […]

Where are my words?

I’ve been in non-stop back-to-back meetings. And, these are not meetings where I just sit and listen. I talk. Then laugh. Then talk some more. It’s rather tiring. It feels like every thought has already been said. Why must we repeat ourselves so often? I’m almost at the […]

Words, words, words

Two months left until we hit the New Year. And, I honestly do not know or can even vaguely imagine what that new year will bring. Right around this time of the year I start reminiscing and looking back at both highlights and lowlights. And, I’ve had plenty […]

Word soup

I don’t like gazpacho. I like chicken corn chowder. I love beef stew. I don’t care for chicken noodle. It’s always a part of any cold regimen. Blah. Pumpkin soup can warm ones toes. But this is too literally. Too many words at once. Jumbled and they are […]