The Oscar Nominations have some feel-good comeback stories: Is that enough?

I used to love the Oscars. Loved watching the nomination announcements. I loved casting my own ballot. I even enjoyed throwing a few Oscar watching parties. Then, little by little, I stopped going to the movies. Then, little by little, I had no sense of connection to the Oscars, as I truly had not seen 90% of the movies that were nominated. The same is true of this year’s Oscar nominees.

However, there seem to be some interesting back stories for a few of the nominees themselves.

For instance, ever-prolific composer John Williams beat his own record for most nominations ever for a living person. He just received his 53rd nomination. Furthermore, he is the oldest person to ever get nominated and the only person to be nominated in seven different decades. That is truly impressive. He found a job, a vocation, that he loved and never let it go. Do many of us stick with anything that long? I believe that nowadays, five years is considered a long time to be at a job.

Let’s look at the Oscar-nominated Barry Keoghan. In 2003 (20 years ago), his mother passed away. He ended up spending seven years in foster care with supposedly 23 different foster homes. In 2010, he responded to small casting advertisement in a Dublin store window. In 2023 nominated for best supporting actor. What a life journey! Rising from grand adversity to soaring Hollywood heights. I’m sure his mom is proud of him.

Now, let’s go to actor Ke Huy Quan, who resonates greatly with the generation X folks. After hitting it big with his roles in Indiana Jones and The Goonies, he hit a career wall. He couldn’t find any other movies in which to be cast. In 1992, he gave up his dream of being an actor. Now, 31 years later, he’s been nominated for an Oscar. Never give up on your dreams. Also, career breaks exist and are ok. You can find your own path.

Some great backstories in these nominations, as well as others. Such as that of Bredan Frasier. Now, will I watch the broadcast. Maybe. I don’t have movies to root for this time around. However, there are petsnal stories of resilience that are great to cheer on.

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  1. Ah Yes Dear Miriam So Inspiring

    To Watch Someone Using So Much

    Limited Potential Than Someone

    With So Much Potential

    Not Using it at All

    Yet of Course
    One Must Also

    Seek and Find That
    Potential too That is Often
    A Lifelong Search And Rescue Job…
    Anyway Thanks So Much For Detailing
    Inspiring ‘Back-Stories’ in Human Resilience
    Associated With the ‘Academy Awards’ This Year

    If Not For “Avatar The Way of The Water” And Still
    Coming New Versions Around The Christmas Holiday’s
    Not Likely i’ll Be Visiting The Theater Except For Maybe

    ‘Guardian’s of the Galaxy Part Three’ Just For the ‘GRooT’ oF iT Hehe..:)


  2. I loved “Everything Everywhere All at Once” but I also really liked “Banshees of Inisherin”, especially Barry Keoghan’s character, so now I’m not sure who to root for since the two films are up against each other in basically every category …


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