Everyday brought a new souvenir and that was love

After the funeral, they went back to the house to finish clearing through their mother’s belongings. It was not an easy task. But it was a task to help keep the mind distracted.

Yet, everwhere she looked she found a new set of souvenirs bunched together. Her mother had been a collector of memories. And, she kept every gift and every scrap of paper that reminded her how lucky she had been in life.

Sure, life had bern extremely hard. But she made so that her daughters could reach higher and they did. Thus, every step of their paths were bottled up as souvenirs of a life lived for the love of others. And, this just brought tears to everyone’s eyes. If only those could be bottled up as well.

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  1. SMiLes Dear Miriam How Inspiring
    A Story You Tale of A Mother Who
    Passes Away And Scraps of Memories

    TaLinG A Story of Love For Her Daughters
    PeRuSinG Her Belongings After Death And The

    Same Occurring When my Mother PaSSinG Away
    Going through Her Things Then in 2017 We Find a

    Letter Addressed to me
    on my 33rd Birthday on
    June 6, 1993 My Goodness

    A Letter Delivered After Her
    Death to me Among Her Things
    24 Years Later From the Date She Wrote it to me…

    And Interestingly Enough It Was Like A Prophecy that Came True

    Although if i Had Received it on that Date It Would Have Been Hard

    For me to
    Believe Still
    Passing Out
    Rental Shoes
    At A Military Bowling
    Center With Smiles Then

    Yet It’s True No i’ve Never
    Achieved More in Life Than
    A Shared Smile or Tears So i
    Do me THiS Way Still With No Shame..:)


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