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Came to bogota, and unlike the few weeks before in NYC, I’ve had no gnats picking at me

Let me just state outright, I am a bug, mosquito, insect magnet. I like to joke that it is my very sweet blood that attracts them. I do believe that to be true, in part.

The last few weeks in NYC I was hiving everyday from one thing or another. I had rashes up and down my arms and legs; and even my face. I break out in hives, if bitten or if the tenperature changes to drastically either way. It could also be flare ups from stress. Either way, the last few weeks have been tough.

Now, here in Colombia I have not had a single rash or hive outbreak. Let me knock on wood. Yes, I’m superstitious. I’ve been out hiking near lakes and nature reserves and, yet, not a single bite. The air is so much fresher here. And, we’re at way higher altitudes. There can be many reasons why. Or it could just be that there is something in NYC to which I am exposed and allergic to. I’m going miss not having to worry about nit-picking gnats.

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  1. SMiLes Dear Miriam i Haven’t Though Much About
    Columbia South America in my Life Yet What’s Great
    About Interacting With Folks Around the Globe is
    Sharing New Interests And Broadening New Horizons
    Hehe At Least As Far As One May Stretch A Smart Phone
    or Desk Top Screen And Of Course There is No Limit With
    iMaGiNaTioN and Co-Creativities Every Word of Song and
    Step of Dance
    A New World to
    Explore OH NO relating
    to One of Your Previous
    Posts the First Thing
    Advertised About
    Is Violent
    Crime and
    Many Homicides
    Yet Never the Less Mother Nature
    Will ByPass Human Inclinations DarK Thru
    LiGHT Leaving the Gnats and Hives Behind
    To Find Paradise
    Wherever it Comes
    to Be Within With SMiLes…
    Gnats Are Pesky Critters They Usually
    Come in Dry Weather Here Yet We Are
    Still in A Monsoonal Pattern of Rains most
    Every Day to Cool Off Climate Change too
    As Even More
    Rain Changes
    Our Climates True
    SMiLes A Greatest LeSSoN
    of mY Life is To Create my Own
    Weather, Seasons, and Geography
    Never the Less
    May South American
    Dreams Remain Soothing to You..:)


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