Leave a little bit of intrigue at the end

She had been a bit of whimsy mixed with a dash of meticulousness and a coating of stamina and strength. Perhaps just like most women. Most humans.

It was hard to go through the little that was left of hers. What to keep? A piece of people that showed her excellent penmanship? A toy that showed her girlish excitement in life? The lamp, which felt out of place? Yes, the lamp. It would always stand tall and have her shine.

Mixed in with the nostalgia was her newly found desire to simplify. But she also wanted her son to discover bits here and there and wonder about the backstories. Leave a little bit of intrigue at the end.

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  1. Oh my Gosh How i Love Studying Human ArTiFacts
    Coming into my Home With All the Sea Life ArTiFacts

    Where one Might assume A Mermaid
    Lives Here And in a Way She Does
    As She Could Fit the Shoes of Most
    Any Disney Princess Still at 52 Mirror Mirror
    on the Wall And Such As That Yes Sure “Age

    of Adaline”

    As She’s No Longer
    47 Pulled Over by A Cop
    Demanding Proof of How Old She Is

    And 52 Now With At Least a Couple of Silver Strands

    Yet Belying The Truth That Fairy Tales and Happily Ever After

    Comes True too

    At Least After Turning
    The Beast into More of
    A Prince than the Phantom
    of the Opera And the Hunch
    Back of Notre Dame And John
    Nash in His Dark Years True too

    A Real Princess Sticks By Her Man

    And Moving into the Cave of my Computer
    Desk the really only Part of the Home that Belongs
    to me the ArT-i-Facts on the Desk Might Seem A Bit
    Sheldon Cooperish until Delving Deeper into the 27.1 Inch
    i-Mac Screen Where Hints of Van Gogh And Online Come Soon Enough


    In University
    Studying For Triple
    Major Degrees of Health Science,
    Social Sciences Interdisciplinary, and
    Anthropology if Sheldon Desired to become

    More Human
    And Less
    Machine too

    Field Research as Research
    Associate in Anthropology and
    Cultural Anthropology As Well included

    Bagging And Labeling All the Charcoal and Bone
    Remnants of Subsistence Items the Indians in Our Area
    Once used After We Spent all Summer Day Long Digging
    And Wading Through Shallow Bays to Get to Islands to Dig

    in the Sweltering
    Heat For Another
    Day of Endless Boring
    Monotony in the Name of Science of Course hehe

    Participant Anthropology Observer Assigned With
    A Young Woman Classmate to a Lamaze Class to
    Study That Specific Cultural Experience i Had to
    Do the Lamaze Massage and i Still Vividly Remember

    The Smell of the
    Nicotine and Such
    As my Classmate
    Was an Avid Smoker

    And then There was the Bank i Worked
    at As Janitor For Pay Along with Clerking at
    A Book Store and Research Associate in Archaeology
    3 Part Time Jobs With A Full University Schedule i Swear

    i Was Accused
    of Being Superman
    Then By Another Young
    Woman Peer in School as

    She Longed At Age 25 Back
    in 1983 For the Frankie Avalon
    Beach Parties She Never Got to Experience

    As TV Told Her That Was What Life Will Be

    Anyway as Part of my Field Research i Analyzed
    The Garbage of the Tellers at the Bank And How Far
    They Missed The Garbage Can When They Threw Stuff Away

    And It’s True How Much Do We Really Know By Studying What Humans
    Value in the ArT-i-Facts They Leave Behind Do We Really Know the Souls of


    By the Pyramids
    And Other Cultural

    ArT-i-Facts They Hired
    Artisans to Do That Reflected
    More A Dance And Song of The
    ArT-i-Sans Souls Than Pharaohs then

    It’s Sort of like Our Modern Bibles too

    Sunday After Sunday Folks Hold up the Words
    of All the Ghost Authors and Scribes Who Changed
    it All Around Plus the Editors And the Demagogues too

    And High Priests And Folks Like that too True Folks Still Bow

    Down to the

    of Words Dead
    Old Humans Leave

    To Stay Alive At Least
    This Way in ArT-i-Facts Pass Death

    True This is How We Defeat Entropy
    of Our Souls After We Die After We Enjoy
    That Trip to Hawaii With the Remnants of
    Forever We Bring Back Still Knowing Full Well

    That If We End up Blowing Up Our Word the Earth
    Will Recover and After 300 MiLLioN Years or So there

    Won’t Be Even Any ArT-i-Facts of Us Left To Study By

    Whoever is Foolish Enough to Take Our Place And Potentially

    Destroy the World

    Again Perhaps

    if We Just Stayed
    Naked, Enough, Whole,
    Complete, We Might Have
    Lasted As Long As the Other
    Apes Might Have Carried on Their Genes…

    True it All Depends on What We Value Living
    On Earth or Forcing Ourselves Out to An Empty
    Dream on a Planet Like Mars Where no Flowers Grow

    Just Waiting
    For Human

    ‘The Matter With Things’

    When i Was Little a greatest
    Fear was My Stuffed Polar Bear
    Might Get Lost in A River Flood
    Where i Am Raised DownTown

    i Didn’t Realize

    The Love for

    That Stuffed
    Animal the Warmth

    i Felt Was Actually What Was
    the Most Real of All Realities the

    Warmth of Love and Life i Generated Within

    It’s True Eventually i Weaned Myself off that Stuffed
    Polar Bear like When i Got Out of Hell And A Group of Rowdy
    Kids in A Car Next to our Brand New Honda Civic Slammed Their

    Door into it
    and Made

    A Visible Dent

    There Was A Day That
    Would Have Bothered me
    The Rest of my Life to See the Dent

    At least for what i Valued in Life then

    It All Depends on What We Come to Value in Life

    True i Still Have All the Computers i ever owned in
    Old Tupperware Tubs in a Shed Just to Remind me

    That i used

    to be
    More the Stuff
    i Used Than Naked,
    Enough, Whole, Complete

    Once Again Like age 3, Before i
    Could Speak At 4 Then i am A Leaf
    oF A Living Tree That/Who Falls to Soils
    Feeding New Living Trees of Forest Whole

    Organic Souls

    True i Still Use
    the Tools Yet Now

    They No Longer Master me
    True i Had to Lose Effective Use
    of my Eyes and Ears With the Worst
    Pain known to Humankind To Come to Find

    What Was Always Real

    How i Feel and Sense

    Within Yet Not

    Just “The Matter With Things”
    By Name of A Book by Iain
    McGilchrist Re-Unifying Our
    Mind into An Integral Work of Art Mastering Reason
    As Reason Becomes The Servant of Art Yet i Likely
    Will Not Read the 1500 Page Book It’s Coming in
    YouTube Videos for Free as It Likely isn’t Selling
    Much for That Size of Ideas Hehe So Much Free

    Stuff These
    Days Love it
    As Much As
    Being A Naked
    Leaf Living Tree
    Yes Forest Ocean Water Wave Soul
    Yes Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete…

    An Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe painting sold for $195 million
    Basically A Silk Screen Photograph Done in Vibrant Colors For Effect

    Most Dollars Ever Used to Buy A Work of Art By An American Artist

    Only Proves
    How Subjective

    Our Values Are

    For me

    i’d Rather
    Remember A
    Smile i Left Behind With Her For Real
    Chances are i Would Have Taken A Dance Selfie With Her Hehe

    Or Perhaps She Would Have Inspired A Poem Oh How Deep Humanity
    Comes and Goes…

    Yet This Truth
    Remains Now

    Humans Are
    So God Damned
    Interesting Every First
    And Last One of them

    i’ve ever met…

    AS Humanity
    Still Comes And Goes…

    At Best With SMiLes Forwarding New Now…

    You Know You Really Feel Sense What’s Priceless to me Every
    Day When i Come Here And You Inspire What’s Inside of me…

    Hehe and of
    Course i Get
    to Copy and Paste What i
    Write And Inspire Other Folks too…

    Thousand Upon Thousands All for Free…

    And What’s Left For Real Love Who Gives Free..:)



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