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Develop a better bullshit detector

Everyone everywhere is gaslighting every other person from the chandeliers down to the gravel. It’s inescapable. As such, one must evolve at a rapid pace. Many years ago, in providing someone a performance appraisal I advised them that they had to get better at bullshitting. It may sound weird, but what I was trying to tell them was that they had to think fast on their feet. I still believe that was good, sound advice.

Fast forward to today and it seems everyone got this advice and went all warped speed on it. People went all in. And, not for good reasons necessarily. Of course, social media is part of how things ramped and hyped up so quickly.

Now we all need to develop and fine tune our bullshit detector skills. Look at the eyes. Look at the body language. Listen to the words. Excessive words. Empty words. The use of five consecutive words with more than five sylllables.

Once you detect it, the question will then be do you call it out or throw out some of your own BS.

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  1. Hehe To Quote “A Joker,” “This Town
    Needs An Enema”
    Oh God Way Too

    Many Plumbing 🪠
    Connections Never

    The Less “Wait till
    They Get A Load of
    me” And Find Out

    i’m Actually
    Real After
    i Go Away..;)


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