Wondering where she could go to get unstucK

She looked up. She looked around. Grabbed her phone and declined yet another call. She shook her head in weary contemplation.

Life is a maze. Maybe a hampster wheel. But more like those rat mazes in which the rat can’t find its way out. Always a barrier to get around to just come up against another.

And, the maze is filled with coffee and caffeine in all forms. Again, pellets of things to hype oneself up and to then be stuck. To get unstuck. To be unstuck should be the goal. She climbed up the stairs ploddingly wondering where she could go to get unstuck.

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  1. Getting Loose

    Getting Loose

    Just Getting Loose

    Just Getting Loose
    No Longer Lost Once

    Again Just Free to BREaTHE
    The Air That i BREaTHE Whoops
    THeRE Goes That ‘Earworm’ Again

    “Peace came upon me
    And it leaves me weak
    So sleep, silent angel
    Go to sleep”

    And Another
    Song By the ‘Hollies’
    And Now it’s “The Go-Go’s”
    And “Our Lips are Sealed” Yet
    That’s A ‘Guardian Angel’ With SMiLes..:)


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