There is no greater wealth than peace of mind

A long time ago, I had asked my sister why she was doing a particular action. She responded that she was doing so because she wanted peace. That answered always stayed with me. Percolating. Brewing. Running circles in my brain. Peace. One moment of peace is wonderful. A life filled with a peaceful mind, heart, and soul is priceless.

I am not saying that one should shy away from the hard moments or decisions. When I need to, I go all in. When I need to I will fight the good fight. But peace in itself can be intoxicating. And when you have peace, you have a certain kind of wealth.

I’d take peace of mind over any new type of crypto currency. I’d take peace of mind, over a few extra dollars in the bank. Now, if a million more that’s a different story. Well no. Peace of mind shouldn’t be bartered or bargained with.

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  1. “Cause I get a peaceful easy feelin’
    And I know you won’t let me down
    ‘Cause I’m already standin’
    I’m already standin’
    Yes, I’m already standin’
    On the ground”
    When i Read Your Poem
    The Music to “Peaceful Easy
    Feeling” By The Eagles Came to Soul
    And Sure “i’m Easy Like Sunday Morning”
    By Lionel Ritchie too… Yet Really Neither Song is
    About A Peaceful Easy Feeling It’s More About Staying
    In Love With Another Human Being And Really When Reality
    Hits the Fan
    We Can’t
    Rely On Anyone
    Other Than Ourselves
    to Provide This Lasting Inhaling
    Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT
    And i’ll Toss in the Giving, Sharing, Caring
    Just For
    Free With
    Least Harm
    Peace is a Measure
    Of Life Without Fear
    Play Yes Playing Free
    Is An Activity to Slay Fear
    There’s Plenty of Room to Give
    Love After That as Once the Fear,
    The Anxiety, All The Doubt is Gone
    Love Roams Free
    Indeed Now
    As Peace
    Wings to
    Love For Free
    The Kind That is Brave
    And Free Enough to See
    LiGHT in Darkest Rooms And
    Become That LiGHT For Real…
    True This is a Realm
    With No Fees
    Than Do Please…
    Never the Less i Love
    the First Verse of “Peaceful
    Easy Feeling” too Even Though
    No It Doesn’t Exactly Leave me
    Feeling Grounded With SMiLes…
    As i Am too Old to Fall Now
    Only Young Enough To Rise…

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  2. Achieving inner peace means achieving a feeling of well-being, of happiness, that surrounds us in immense tranquility. Excellent your reflection to take into account. Good weekend
    Manuel Angel

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