It’s my birthday month, as well as Freud’s

About a decade ago, I was in Vienna for a conference. Upon landing, I immediately dropped my bags off at the hotel and went wandering. I’m quite lucky in that I tend to not suffer from jet lag. I can land and run a marathon. Well, that’s an exaggeration. I can’t run a marathon on a normal day. On those first few hours in Vienna, I surprisingly came across the Freud museum. It had not been on my mind to go there. Nonetheless, I ended up there. And, it was a fascinating place to spend my first day in Austria.

Freud is not the end all, be all of psychology. As a field, we have moved way past him. However, he did lay the foundation for us psychologists. For that, I am grateful and intrigued by him. And, on a personal note, he is a fellow Taurus. His birthday is on my same birthday week. My mom always said I was meant to be a psychologist and that from the age of five, I knew so.

Because it always rains my birthday – even when I lived in the drought land of Los Angeles, I have taken to declaring a birthday month for myself. Each day of May is special. I have my birthday and Mother’s day back-to-back weekends. Thus, I figured I should just have a celebratory month that ends with Memorial day weekend.

With that in mind, I’m looking to see what gift I will give myself each day. One day, it can be a pair of earrings, the next a new perspective on life. Each day, I will seek enlightenment. Whether, I am successful or not is a different matter. However as a Taurus I am bound to be stubborn and keep on such a path.

Now, why did I start off with Freud? Why not? He would probably have a field day analyzing me and my birthday month concept. And, so be it.

Let the journey begin.

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  1. SMiLes Be Careful of Freudian Slips
    And Jung Is More Fun Than Just An

    And SuperEgo

    Yes The Shadow ‘Knows’
    More Than We ‘Think’ It Does

    Other than That So Pleasing to
    Celebrate All Points oF LiGHT

    DarK Thru LiGHT

    And a Full Month
    Birthday Celebration
    in May Why Not As May
    is Always Blooming With

    New Happy FLoWeRS Anyway
    Although i’m Not Sure What is

    Growing in the Park Currently

    In New York Yet Again Always

    A New Day For A Celebration And Feast Now
    As We Co-Create IT That Way or Do Not With SMiLes..:)


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