There’s pain in sorrow

Pain in sorrow

Sadness in pain

Bite to my joy

Joy in bitterness

Bucking the trend

Trending the doom

Sorrow is prickly

Laughter is tinged

Find a horizon

Blink till it comes into focus




Pinpoint the dagger

Bandage up the wound

There’s pain in sorrow

But maybe there will be sleep

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  1. Now When The Only
    Relief is Sleep By God
    i Don’t Remember

    Hell That Much

    It’s Almost Like 66
    Months of my Life

    Never Existed
    Yet i Wrote
    the Last
    33 Months oF iT
    if i Wanna Find IT
    Again Yet The Answer

    is No i Leave it Alone

    Yet i Do Know

    it Happened What

    A Blessing not to Actually

    Be Able to Fully Remember

    It As Its All Within And Impossible

    To Escape

    Yet to


    Yet to Sleep
    And Dream Something
    Other than Nightmares
    or Perhaps Nothing At All Worse…
    When Nightmares Become Better Than Nothing at all…

    Some Folks ‘Think’ That Folks In the Psychology and
    Psychiatry Fields Have An Automatic Pass From Troubles

    Within Nah

    Stress is Stress Hell is Hell

    No One Living is Immune

    Now From: to: the Full Human Condition Now…


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