Tag: depression

Can you give me your hand now? 

  It may seem daunting Like everything is dark Everything is dismal Pulling you in deep Imprisoned in a dungeon Certainty is dead And time delayed Tired and disturbed Nothing feels doable Toxicity fully draining Looming residual danger Nothing seems digestible But it’s just a moment In a […]

That was the walk of a sad man

The air was humid  The void endless The stairs long The fanfare hollow A charming man On a solo trek Climbing slowly A weighted shoulder A square force Sadly hungry Eating to feed But no savoring Marching up No waving goodbye Just a wonder What wretched thing is […]

Its not my secret to tell

Its not my secret to tell Its NOT my secret to tell Yet it envelopes me in a tired, murky, hungry, insatiable darkness Excuses, tip of the tongue, inquisitive eyes ring a bell   But your secrets are never told, And I am beholden to a rotten carcass […]