Tag: depression

Just promise me

It’s buried deep inside Truth is hell Broken to smithereens Everything is so torn Can’t stop now In a state of mind Picking it up Everything has changed Sorry babe Promise me, promise me It’s all in the past now No guilt, no tears, no stickiness And just […]

Fallen: Mindmelds and carcasses

The snowflakes touch the ground softly The rain pitter patters onto the concrete The water overflow caresses the floor But the mind crashes the lightning cart Explodes upon impact Detonates like a firebomb No soft landing there Fallen and slow to rise Fallen and all alarms sound Fallen […]

There’s pain in sorrow

Pain in sorrow Sadness in pain Bite to my joy Joy in bitterness Bucking the trend Trending the doom Sorrow is prickly Laughter is tinged Find a horizon Blink till it comes into focus Sigh Exhale Inhale Pinpoint the dagger Bandage up the wound There’s pain in sorrow […]

The Friday Blahs

We have all heard, in some way, about the Monday blahs. There are songs about hating Mondays or about Mondays being manic. Mondays can make or break a week. They set the tone. In that same vein, we supposedly collectively look forward to Fridays. The end of the […]