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What a blurry day of busyness

When you get work calls starting at 6am, the rest of the day is bound to be a blur. Yes, indeed. One thought runs into another. One meeting collides with another. One text too many comes from all directions. And, don’t even think about potty break. Also, forget about wearing matching socks. I don’t think I even try anymore.

Got to write a post-it note to remember to breathe. Need a sticky note to remember what the emotion of the day is supposed to be. Is it a debbie-downer day? Is it a cheerleading day? Got to check and re-check my notes.

A blur. Nothing concrete. Everything super fast. What’s a tired girl to do? Move on…

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  1. Hehe Sounds Almost Like
    my Day Today Writing
    6600 Words or So
    More Now

    at 5 AM

    Yet Whose
    Counting When
    It’s All Free For Fun

    And Ya Don’t Really
    Have to Do Any oF iT @All

    Connecting to So Many Folks

    True Wishing You A Great
    Escape Like That One Day
    With SMiLes However You Do You Free too..

    SMiLes too
    Just Checked
    And i Do Not
    Have Any Socks on at all HAha..:)

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