A cat brought out my curls

I have very curly hair. Extremely curly. But, many people who have met me in the last few years, wouldn’t know about my curly nature. I do the keratin treatment and blow out my hair. I think the last time I wore my hair curly was in 2017. Then a cat, who I don’t know, brought back my curls. Yes, indeed.

It’s actually a very simple story of where allergy meets laziness. I’m highly allergic to cats and their dander. If I’m around cat owners (even sans cat) I’m likely to sneeze, itch, and hive. A few nights ago I hung out with someone who has cats. She has several. And, by the end of the evening my throat was constricting.

To provide myself some relief, I took a quick shower. And, I washed my hair. I take long showers. By the time I got out of the shower, it was nearing midnight. There was no way I wanted to blow out my hair at that point. I towel-dried my hair and hoped fot the best. Next day my curls were back and I was rocking them. I’m still feeling quite lazy. Let’s see how else I can throw people off in terms of my appearance. I think my curls may be around for a while.

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  1. Hehe Indeed in Life Mileage Varies So Much
    Depending on What Room We Enter Next
    Cats Used to Constrict my Breathing too
    Ah, Such A Struggle For So Many Years
    Entering my Sister And Father’s House
    Full of Cats
    Itchy Eyes
    And Sneezes
    All the Way Through
    Until i Just Had to Get Outside The Room!
    Yet on the Other Hand When i Fell So Ill When
    Almost All My Health Failed Barely Clinging to Life
    The Only Warmth of Humanity Vaguely i Could
    Even Remember That Of A Cat the Outdoor Kind
    Of Course So Desperate Then
    To Feel Human Again i Invited
    A Strange one in to Visit A Cat Called
    Moby Big And Gray Kicked out of His
    Home As the
    New Born Baby
    Was So Allergic too…
    Kicked out Without His
    Claws As the Owner Said
    He’s A Big Boy He’ll Be Okay Without Claws…
    Well to Make a 10.1 MiLLioN Word Poetic Expression
    Smaller A Feral Cat From The Woods Showed me How to
    Grow Some
    Claws And
    When i Did All
    The Allergies Went Away
    And true i finally Became A Big Cat too…
    How Much of DiSEaSE is Upstairs or Down
    Mind over Matter Shadow over LiGHT Some Days…
    Yet i Was So Rational Before it Would Have Been
    to Heal…
    From What i Intuit
    For Now at Least
    It’s All Good Anyway
    No Allergies No Fear Just all Good Enough For Now
    Naked Whole Complete Like Yellow Boy the Feral Cat…
    PaSSinG Away Then Yet Still Breathing NoW As Me
    Enough Like
    A Real Lion
    King Father
    Indeed Within…
    Perhaps Your New Wilder
    Curls Are Inviting You Within too
    Who Knows Surely Not me With SMiLes..:)


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