Tag: pain

Healing is messy

Ups and downs The world is sideways Mind aches Feverish tongue Super salty tears Words jumbled Words mumbled Words unheard Words unspoken Brittle bones Brittle nails Bitter tastes Fuzzy sight Fuzzy recollections Anger Sorrow Guilt Brashness Hunger

The pain finds the pockets

Pain coursing through the veins Unyielding and smothering Taking over every joint Warping the mind and disturbing the synapses In time, it becomes the pain And in turn, the pain searches It then finds pockets in which to breed It doesn’t hide but it plays peekaboo Tick tock, […]

There’s pain in sorrow

Pain in sorrow Sadness in pain Bite to my joy Joy in bitterness Bucking the trend Trending the doom Sorrow is prickly Laughter is tinged Find a horizon Blink till it comes into focus Sigh Exhale Inhale Pinpoint the dagger Bandage up the wound There’s pain in sorrow […]