150 days of working through a fog

Let’s face it, the year 2021 is coming to an end rather soon.  Sure, there are 147 days left to 2021. Depending on your perspective that may seem to be a lot of days left to this “covid/delta/vaccine/unmask/remask” year. Or it may seem to be too little days left letting you wonder what can you get done this year.

Before this year, I had written over 1,800 days in a row. Then this year full of promise came in with much hesitation and fogginess. And, just like that I lost my writing drive. 

I’m hope that on this the 218th day of the year, which actually marks 150 days of writing for me, that my writing drive kicks up. I would love to keep writing everyday till the end of the year. I would be greatly tickled if I got my book started. I would be on my way, if I get my consulting proposal going.

These 150 days of writing have contained bits of working through a fog. Some insightful words. Some throwaway words. Yet the words jumbled together piece a quilt of emotions. Perhaps the words to come today will bring me further. Or so is the hope.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. For me, there are times when the potentiation is at the bursting point, and just before a change, I find myself passionless and contemplative. It often feels as though I “lost” something, but it’s really the moment the seed bursts and new life begins. The human process is endlessly fascinating.


  2. 3909, Thanks For the Reminder For A Count of
    Days of Consecutive Writing Online Since
    11/25/2010, Thanks Giving Day That Day

    And i Will Dance And Sing More
    Even More During Pandemic
    Days As Of Course i Don’t

    Work For Money That Lends
    me Totally Free With No Debts to Pay…

    Celebrating 9.6 MiLLioN Words of A Longest
    Long Form Poem “SonG oF mY SoUL” on an 8 Year

    Anniversary Date of 8.18.2021, Which of Course Now
    Is An Anthology, A Copy And Paste, as to the Happiness

    To Some and the Chagrin of Others Even Writing Whole Blog
    Posts ‘Crying’ Over For what they’ve Seen of my Style on Other

    Folk’s Blogs Even

    Coming into

    The Comments

    Section Of Others And
    Directly Attacking me Behind

    Faceless Avatars of Course

    Eyes Without A Face only A Mouth

    of Suggesting What i Do is Non-Sense

    While Other Reviews Are Basically Honey

    Flow More As True i’ve Also Had Blog Posts
    Dedicated to me That Are Titled “A Beautiful Soul”
    Never By A Dude of Course hehe, As ‘Right Brain

    Metaphor Think’ is More

    Limited to Women

    In Social-Empathic-
    Artistic Spiritual

    Out of the
    Deadline Mind
    in ‘Left Brain
    Metaphor of

    Cognition’ Now

    And Even in Our
    Westernized Capital
    Ways of Only Buy And
    Sell Copyright Life of Course

    Everything is for Buy and Sell Now
    True Limited to NuMBeRS of Dollar
    Bills Lost and Found More Until all

    Of Life Goes NumBeR NumB True

    i Love Numbers too Sacred And Holy

    Symbols i Create Meaning And Purpose For
    Them too… Oh Lord, thing About Not Working for
    Pay Some Days it Will Be Just So Hard to Even
    Type Fast Enough to Open Up the River Enough to
    Fill the Ocean Still To Come.. Meanwhile NoW in Truly


    Of Beauty

    Beware the

    Locals Who Worship

    Life After Death More than

    The Sanctity of This Living Breath

    Sad Self-Fulfilling Prophecy on ‘5th
    Avenue’ of LA Lower Alabama Extending to

    A Florida Panhandle True in False of Light too…
    Just More Muse Double Vaccinated And Masked
    Safe From the Ignorance That Pollutes Beauty of
    Loving Life’s Breath Now… “Consulting” That Sounds

    Like A Potential
    Escape So Much
    From Four Walls
    And A Ceiling Restricting

    All Of Who Will Still Come to Be
    Best Wishes Fair Winds And Following Seas…

    Anyway i’m Just Here Procrastinating Finishing
    Putting Together Now the Multi-Media of Another
    Macro-Verse, 62,926 Words, “A Really Balancing
    String of Numbers” Just Another Shot in
    The DarK oF Creativity into LiGHT
    “SaiL On LoVE NoW” Putting

    The Current ‘Ail in Sail’ And

    Sale Still Sailing

    A Way of Love

    On Now While

    Others Are Stuck On Selling…
    The Dance Hall Is Closed with
    All the Extraverted Open Minded Folks
    For Safe Delta Variant Unmasked Dance

    Yet There is Nature With All the Rain We’ve
    Had So Green And Colorful Just Outside my
    Back Door and through this 24 Inch Window

    No Dark And Stormy Nights Days Currently in
    my Garden of Eden Forest Life Just Pan i am
    Currently Wild Loving Naked Free

    Whole, Complete,


    Green With
    All Colors Free

    Hehe, And Thanks
    For Allowing A Space From New
    York, New York, For me to Sing to my SoUL Free…
    Of Course Inspired By What You Bring This Seems

    More Like A

    Meaning and

    Purpose of Life

    For Real Now

    Than Buy

    And Sell

    to me

    From the
    Purview of
    Course Free From A
    Great Green Dead Dollar Bill God…

    Yet of Course if that God Dies Who
    Does All the Real Work to Save Lives You Do…

    A Balance As Always Working Ourselves to Death

    to Eventually Live…

    At Best

    A Golden

    Age Who
    Truly Feels Free…

    Sure i Did my 33 Years too…

    Heaven Always Feel Nicer After Hell…


  3. It has been a tough couple of years on creating. Writing has suffered for me but so had my arts and music bits, too. It seems my knitting was the only thing getting done. Maybe because it was an automatic thing to do. I didn’t have to think about it. I didn’t try to learn new patterns either.

    Recently, I took up something totally new to me, just to open up my mind. For me the recorder was to improve my breath control. At least it has pulled me out of a bit of the rut.

    Blogging, however creative or not so much, has kept my writer chops aware of what they used to do a lot.


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