Cannot afford to spend time with toxic people

Tick tock. Tick tock. Time is spinning away. The sand in the hourglass is steadily dropping down. Supposedly, “The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it”.

Here is a secret, though. If you surround yourself or are embedded within a toxic group of people, you will not have clarity and your time will be wasted.

None of us knows how many minutes we have set for our lives. One thing we should know, though, is that time should be precious. Toxic people will not be mindful of your precious time. They will just suck you into a dark abyss that contorts and mishapes your vision.

I’ve reached the point in my life where I just don’t wish to look, hear or be near toxic people. Unfortunately, I cannot be so fortunate. However, I’ve been learning to turn down the noise. Mute the toxic people around me. I want my time to be meaningful. Of course, it will not always be so. There are many times I sit on the couch with a bag of gummies watching a really bad movie. Yet, that is way more freeing than being around toxic, venomous people. If only we could swat such people away and send them out into a universe where there’s only toxic people. Then we would see toxicity bubble and stretch onto itself until it bursts.

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  1. There is A Dance Now of Toxic Cooperation and Toxic Competition

    That Literally Threatens the Long Term Existence of the Human Species

    On The Micro-Level How Blessed Are the Ones Who Are Able to at Least

    Temporary Escape ‘IT’ Yet What About Cultures Based on Toxic Patriarchy

    And Religions that Do Everything These Arms of

    Culture Will Do to Keep Married

    Folks in Toxic Relationships too

    Yet There’s Pakistan

    Where Families Have

    to Buy Husbands for Wife’s

    Whether the Prospective Bride

    For Sell Desires to Be Involved in

    First Date Night Marriage of Organized Prostitution
    Or Not With Statistics That Speak 50 Percent of Married
    Women From Pakistan Are Physically Abused By Husbands
    And 90 Percent Are Verbally Abused as Cattle Branded And Bred Same….

    Rapes in Marriages At 40 Percent in Some States of India of
    Course All Legal and

    ‘Tendered’ too…

    Thing is Humans as
    The Movie ‘Contact’
    As Inspired By Carl Sagan
    With Jodie Foster And An Extraterrestrial
    With All The Answers Provided Such a Simple

    Truth A Strange Mix We Are of Neo-Cortex,
    Limbic, And Reptile Trinity Mix off Brains
    That Makes What

    We Are Now

    Capable of Such

    Beautiful Dreams

    in Fruition and Nightmares

    Same What Makes Life Bearable

    Is the Loving Giving Sharing Caring

    Connections We Make With Each Other



    Really the Same

    Message of the Story

    of Jesus the Good Parts

    At Least in a Mustard Seed

    Of Who We May Become A

    Greater Tree of RiSinG Love

    or Living Trees that No Longer Fruit With A Force Of Love…

    It’s Not that i’m Preaching to You Just Singing to my Soul

    Again Thanks For the Cheap Rental Space in New York, New York…

    It’s Just a Soul Hack Imagining Singing to an Audience Always Enhances Soul Speak…

    Just A Sugar Pill on

    The Way to Church

    Not Much Different

    Than When A Dude
    Becomes Sliced Bread…

    Just So He Will Give More For Free..
    And It Doesn’t Matter How Folks Slice

    Him If He’s Not Really Real And Just Symbols For Deeper Soul..:)


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