Becoming unstuck

She had packed eveything up into the van. Well, not everything. Just what could fit and somewhat mattered. She only brought what she could connect to. Or so she hoped.

She wanted to move on with what was just necessary. Yet, her insecurities seemed to spill out into her physical space. Things didn’t fill aligned and as such even the van was stuck in mud.

She knew she had to purify her own muddy soul. The van needed a push as did she. She rolled up her sleeves and summoned her superpowers pushing all the mud out.

She was to be unstuck.

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  1. Free is Really Hard to
    Do When We Are


    To Any

    Way Yet Free

    It’s All Relative

    Of Course




    Will Do to Fly Now
    Either Clothed By

    CuLTuRE Or Set

    Free Without


    As Naked

    Nature Again With
    Wings And Fur Flying

    Climbing Living Trees Up Instead of Down

    In Other Words What i Do Now As Free Would

    Be Much Harder to Do if i Was Still Married to the

    God of MaKinG Money

    A Major


    ALL Human Fear…

    How Abundant The Forest
    Is Creeks Teeming With
    Fish How Foraging

    Happy Humans



    Be Dancing

    And Singing A Meal of Life Free

    Yet Again Those Dam Mosquitoes
    And Spam Calls For Warranties

    On Honda



    Always Seem to Work
    Without All the F.O.R.D.

    Fix Or Repair Daily 60 Thousand Dollar Headaches

    of Big Four Wheel Drives Still Stuck in the Mud Hehe…

    A Four Wheel Drive Like That Resting Alone by A Trailer

    Several X-Wives And Nests of Children to Support A Tear

    In a Beer Big Camper And Boat Never Time to Use
    With 2 Jobs to Stay In Debt Forever More


    At the


    Bar All that’s

    Left of Heaven

    in ‘Trump Town

    USA’ Toxic Patriarchy Falling Further
    It’s Not Really Funny And How So Many Men Fall

    As The Last Hooray They Really Experience That
    TouchDown Ran So Long Ago in High School Football…

    Hehe, Play the Song ‘Bruce Springsteen’, the ‘American Dream’…

    ‘Life Goes on’ for

    Some for


    It’S ETernAlly
    Now Naked Joy

    Yes The Rest of the
    Animals Enjoying Homeostasis
    And A Few Apes With Not Quite As Much Fur…:)


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