The only real prison is fear and freedom is leaving fear behind

The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear.”

A little bit of fear is not a bad thing. I believe. However, paralysis by fear can be all-consuming.

As we think about freedom, we must consider it at not only at the societal level but also at the individual, psychological level.

Fear can keep one handcuffed to the past unable to move to the future.

Time to toss that fear out!

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  1. I could not agree more. I believe stress, anxiety and fear cause disease physical and mental – not to say they can’t exist without them but they are linked. It is not a weakness for a person to be afraid of stressed or anxious but it makes life harder. When I got sick I got anxiety from how ill I felt, it has not quite left me but I try really hard not to let it dictate my life, it is easier said than done but everything you said here is true.

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  2. Great post!

    As with many things, a mild amount of fear seems to be necessary for our survival. However, as you eloquently note, being enveloped in fear can indeed become a prison. Balance is the key. 🙂


  3. Being chained to a past that cannot be changed is the most common prison. People imagine that they must not let go of the past because if they do it somehow justifies what happened to them. Living the same old pain over and over again, punishing the people who wronged you in your mind when there’s nothing you can do to them in reality.

    It is why family get-togethers often become dysfunctional and often why nation states cannot be at peace with one another.

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    Reminiscing on 66 Months of Hell And This 96 Months Yes 8 Years
    i’ve Been Co-Creating Now Living Within On Earth Yes Heaven Real…
    It’s True The Way i Got to Hell Was Basically Through A Life of Fear
    It’s True it Will Be Kinda Unsettling Born Without The Ability to Speak
    Until 4 When Every Other Social
    Animal Is Chattering
    And Bonding
    So Easily
    Around You
    It Seems Thank
    Real God of Nature
    For Mama’s Soft Words
    And Hugs For Oxytocin Heals
    Like A Wonder Mammal Neurohormone
    For Real Relieving So Much Anxiety For
    Real As Fears Just Melt Away into Ice Cream of
    Do Bring
    With All the
    SMiLes GLoWinG
    Fair Skin Or GLoWinG
    Brown Skin my Mama
    Just Happened to Be
    Very Vanilla Ice Cream White
    If This Brings A Tear i Suppose
    You Understand WHere i am Coming
    From Here Yes The Home of Mama’s Love
    Still Breathing Alive Even Though She took
    Her Last Breath on 2.22.17 Mama Still Dances
    And Sings Love Through me Yet Again Somewhere
    Along the Line of Stress And Fear i Lost That Soft Touch
    That Reaches out As Hugs Enough… The World Will Be Kinda
    Mean For Social Animals Who Do Not Fit in Lord Knows Feels Senses
    i Wasn’t
    Even Really
    in my Own Skin
    Particularly Human
    Clothes That Were not
    100 Percent Virgin Cotton
    So Hard to Touch All the
    Dammed Man-Made Stuff Yes
    3 Degrees From College So Great
    With All the Input Just No Way to Get
    All Of the UniVersity Out of my Mouth
    Oh What Respite Systemizing Computers
    Brought And It’s True Now It’s Really the
    Revenge of the Nerds As We LiVE iNside
    The Bits and Bytes of An Entire World
    Online Constructed
    By Nerds and
    Geeks So
    And ‘Incel’
    Just Wanting
    to Download Pretty
    Birds All Varieties As
    Fast As Possible For Everlasting
    Instant Gratification So Now We LiVE iN
    A World of ‘Weird Science’ Indeed Hehe in
    Yes Revenge of the Nerds Where Zuckerberg’s,
    Gates’, And Even in More Zen Artistic Job’s iPhone Creations
    Anyway Oh My God This Business of Becoming Human CuLTuRE
    Will Be So Scary For Those of us Not So Socially Proficient So Difficult
    Square Peg Fitting Into Spiraling World of Extraverted Wings Just So Hard
    To Conform Decades For When You Do Not Make The Social Circle All Ya Become
    Is A Valuable
    What my
    Boss Called
    me A Valuable Commodity
    And He said it was Normal
    For One Person to Do 90 Percent
    Of All the Work And i Thought that was
    A Compliment And i Thought People Really
    Liked me yet That Was Only The Customers Really
    Not So Much The Folks Who Didn’t Really Wanna Do Any Work…
    So Anyway After All Those Years of Perfectionism Trying to Fit in
    And Conform i Fell Hard into Hell And Found Out All the Folks Who
    Really Cared About me Were the Ones Closest to Home Except for
    A Very Few
    The Doctor’s
    Said i had the Worst
    Case of Anxiety and
    Depression they Ever
    Saw And Assured me
    i Would Never Be Free
    Of Anxiety Just No Chance
    To Become Comfortable in this
    Existence Again… No One Could Help
    me so i Looked Deep Within And Found A
    Flame of Fearless Finally In Words of Song
    That Needed no Pre-Planning Just an Endless
    Ocean Whole Water River of Soul Flow Springing Out
    in the
    of Creativity
    And Then i Danced
    And What i made Dam Sure
    of is i Would Never Fear What
    Folks Though of me as Different Again
    Yes By God i Stood in Front of the World
    in my Underwear Even Posting myself that
    Way on Facebook as i realized That if i couldn’t
    Accept me All For Who i am it really never Did Matter
    Whoever Else Could or Could Not For Real even my Closest
    Loved ones And You Know What Some of my Closest Family
    Members De-Friended me and What i Found is Love So Much
    Thicker than Blood Those Who Stood By me Through my Entire
    Journey i Needed to Go Through to Set my Self Always Fearless Free
    And i did
    And i Do
    And there
    Are Still a
    Few Who Stand
    By my side Yet Most
    oF All i No Longer Fear
    i Am Free and i am Healthier
    Happier And Even Stronger Empirically
    So 3 Times More in Leg Strength Than Any
    Time in my Life at Age 61 And When The Elite Military
    Dude’s Jaws Drop When i Still Leg Press up to 1520 Pounds
    With Ease with my Arms Raised to The Air After Warming up
    With my Own Form in Grace of Balance Free style Ballet Mixed
    With Martial Arts That Need not Ever actually Strike an Object
    i Explain to Them When they Ask How The Hell Do You Do this
    At 61 Years-Old The
    Source of
    All Weakness
    Is Fear the Strength
    Of All Real Power is
    UnConditional Love For All
    Watch As i Lift this Weight As A Feather
    Wind i am And Try to Understand Now
    All the Air
    is God to Breathe Free Now
    With Zero Illusory Fears Left
    To Hold Wind Prisoner in a Jar
    Truth is Wind Will Not Be Trapped in a Jar
    Truth is ‘God’ Will Never Be Trapped in A Word
    On A Roof
    Of A Mouth Either
    Wind is Free
    And So Is
    Grace of Balance
    Naked Wings of my
    SoUL iN Will And Strength oF LIGHT
    Fearing No Dark SoaRinG More As Wings
    Star FLoWeR Seed Still GRoWinG Evolving SoUL…
    There’s a Whole Lot More to Life Than Downloading Pics of Pretty Birds
    And True There is that too Whatever it Takes to Prepare An Avenue to Soar
    For Real
    Science’ too
    And The MaGiC
    oF LoVE Set Free
    Fearless With Human Wings Indeed…
    If Nothing Else At Least my Mother’s Love
    Still Breathes
    And Ya
    What God
    Yes i Feel
    And Sense
    This Much
    Is Complete
    And Enough
    Eternally Now Just This
    Breath of Love (GoD) Now
    i Be i AM Who Sees Fearless Free..:)


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