The queen’s bowed head

Queen Elizabeth sat by herself in the chapel as the final goodbyes to her Prince- her husband of 73 years- at the funeral service in St George’s chapel. She strikingly sat alone. And, although she is known for her stoicism, couldn’t help but feel her loneliness and sadness.

At one point, the queen’s head was bowed and one could imagine her pain and how a tsunami of tears were waiting to be released in her private quarters.

In a way, I wished she would openly weep. But its not her style. This reminded me of me, actuality. At my mother’s funeral I couldn’t cry. My aunt wept loudly snd openly. I just stood there thinking of the last time I saw her and my last words to her that I had whispered over the phone to her body which laid in a coma.

We all grieve differently. Sometimes our position or protocol dictates the display of grief. But it doesn’t change our inner turmoil, laments, and, melancholic nostalgia.

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  1. SMiLes Losing My Mother Was Always
    A Greatest Fear In Life i was Just So
    Happy i Recovered From
    my Illness to Be Strong
    For Her In Her Last
    Her Love Still
    Breathed in me
    i Understood the
    Gift i Still Had
    to Give
    Her As She Left
    That Legacy of Breath to me..
    What i Did Understand at that point
    How Important it is to have a Personal
    Jesus if You Don’t Have a Mother of the Same Story..:)


  2. It’s Kind Of An Epiphany

    When Your Mother And

    Father Are Gone And

    You Come to Realize

    You Have Become

    The Best Qualities

    Both Gifted to You to Carry on

    My Mother’s Love My Father’s Fearless

    i suppose


    of Life’s Miracle

    Where the Parts
    Come Together

    to Make

    A Human Greater in Synergy

    To Carry on Breath Higher

    If We Accept the Good Parts
    And Forgive The Dark Parts Same..:)


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