Eventually the dirt rises

Sometimes one can have two totally juxtaposed thoughts hours apart that just fit in with each other. I’d like to think I’m in one continuous stream of thought and I just have to seam it all together. Of course, as a psychologist I would tbink that. But let me assure you, I don’t spend much time analyzing myself. I’m a doer. Or what a colleague refers to as an activator. I’m not risk averse. I’m one if those who will make quick calculations and jump in. I may have hesitations and skepticisms (did i just make up a word?). However, I do engage in action.

Anyway, that is not what I wanted to talk about today. As I was walking down to the pier to get some excercise I noticed all these various mounds and piles of dirt. Many things being dug up throughout the city.

The dirt made me think briefly of workplaces and how “dirty” they can be despite trying to bury its dirtiness. Don’t know if that makes sense. But many workplaces are toxic while trying to disguise themselves in shields of earnestness and care.

But hours later after my walk, I took a warm bubbly soothing bath and thought about the mounds of dirt. No matter how much people may try to patch over the dirt, dirt always rises.

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  1. Becoming A Rather Mud Puddle
    Over FLoWinG Kinda Guy
    i See Dirt
    For Mountains
    Of Love High
    Every Grain
    And Below Sand
    Holy And Sacred
    Beyond Now For True
    As Science Shows Small
    May Be Larger Than Big
    Of Course Even Our
    Conscious And
    Is Theory
    Too Large to Measure
    Oh All Magic And
    Miracles As Busily
    Drones Are
    More Honey
    For HoneyKingQueens
    i TakE A Table Spoon Twice
    A Day Hehe my Wife Doesn’t See ‘The Benefit’..:)


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