There was no them

She stepped out from the little gathering to grab some fresh air and clear her thoughts. They had gone into the event happily enough. She wasn’t expecting much. These days it seemed like people tried too hard to be witty or seem to be great conversationalists. Being cooped up for a year could do that to people.

But as she stood outside clearing her head she knew there was “no them”. He had said he wanted people to see them together and wish they were them in terms of happiness. But it was far from the case. She looked inside briefly and decided to leave without telling anyone. She got home, changed her clothes and went for a run leaving her phone behind. There are no fairytales. But freedom can be attained.

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  1. Oh Lord i’m Like the Only Person
    i know who scores 100 Percent on
    Extroversion And 100 Percent on

    Openness So Shy and Introverted

    my Family Is As Nearly

    Everyone i know

    Online Is Really

    Very Shy too

    As If not Getting

    Shut-in With Nothing

    Left to Do except Avoid

    Dying i Might Not Have Any Online
    FootPrints at all as i surely Had practically

    None When i Started Trying to Take my Mind
    off Not wanting to Be Here at all with all the
    Suicide Disease Brought to me as Gift just

    Stuck in my Bedroom for 66 Months

    The Dead Zone Is How my

    Psychotherapist and
    Marriage Counselor

    Referred to it

    ‘Beneath the

    Planet of the
    Apes’ As Together
    As People Come Distant

    After Nuclear Fall-out as such…

    True i was Just about as Introverted
    As It is even Possible to be Introverted then…

    Anyway So Many Things We Did Social Butterflying

    Before the Pandemic And Losing all of that Didn’t Phase
    The Still Super Introversion of my Wife and Sister too… My
    Wife Loves Not Going Anywhere So Much Just Her And TV
    Is Enough Friends for Year in Year Out Yet not me Humans

    (Cat Pics on Her Smart Phone Fills The Rest of Vicarious

    Interaction With Warm

    Blood Online


    Are too

    To study from

    That Far of a Distance

    Yes Hehe Basically My

    Extroversion Is Just one

    Huge Art Project that

    Is Science


    of the

    ‘Brand Name’

    Human And How it Changes..
    Anyway Hehe Obviously i’ll be back With SMiLEs.:)


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