My continuously mismatched socks

I hate sorting silverware. I hate it so much that I no longer do it. I just throw my utensils into a drawer and hope I can find what I need when I need it. No sorting. No more. It is a bit liberating to be honest with you. Why get caught up for minutes on end with sorting utensils. They just sit in a drawer until they are needed. Because I’m barely home and hardly ever eat at home, those utensils just lie there. Thus, why spend time on sorting them. Maybe my logic sounds warped. But that is where my mind is at these days.

Now, I have a new set of sorting issues. I hate matching my socks. Now, you may be thinking I am just fundamentally lazy. And, that may be the case. I work hard at work. I would like to play hard as well. But covid-19 had other plans. Yet, I just don’t feel like I want to be bothered with matching socks. It’s a bit tedious.

It surely doesn’t help that the washing machine and dryer decide to swallow up socks.

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    • The simple sock can cause a lot of angst, especially when you live in a household of multiple sock wearers and one who not only doesn’t play by the rules. He also “borrows” Dad’s socks, wears them around the house to prematurely wear them out, and takes them off and leaves them randomly all over the house. Anywhere except the laundry basket. Indeed, this could well be a case for Psychologist Mimi..
      Best wishes,

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