You step out alone on a ledge

Wait. Wait. Wait. Everyone is in a hurry. Everyone has to wait. Sip some water. Tap the fingers. Look around. And, wait.

It was all part of some hunger games context. Zero sum game. Everyone looking out for themselves. She was tired of that perspective. But what was she to do? You step out alone on a ledge.

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  1. Yep When “King Orange”
    “President Snow”
    Arises From

    The Pulpit
    All The

    Hungry For
    Orange Rot

    Yes Run As Fast
    As We Will From

    The Ledge Of The
    Unmasked Church
    As Soon As i Said
    To “The Lead Minion”
    Hell No We Are
    Escaping This
    Unmasked “Beneath
    the Planet Of The Apes Mass”
    Yes me And “Nova” Who Stays
    Rather Quiet in Mass When i
    Roar “WEAR A MASK” When
    The Priest Asks What


    Do You

    Wear For Love

    Anyway Ever Since
    i Told The Priest We
    Are Getting The Hell


    Of Here
    It Seems
    They Took
    Us Off The
    Email Mailing

    List And That
    Was The Last
    Church i Could
    Find That Didn’t
    Claim All The Folks
    Who Didn’t Act And Say

    What They Do are Gonna




    By An All

    Loving Forgiving

    ‘Trump’ And
    That Was only

    Imaginary And
    Not A Frigging
    Pandemic For Men
    And Women Not


    To Lift

    A Cross As

    Light As A Tiny
    Mask To Save A

    Neighbor’s Life

    In Other Words Stay
    Clear of Brick And Mortar



    Who Are Not

    Love At Least

    During A Pandemic

    After That Give ‘em

    A Hug of Some


    To Bring
    ‘Em Back To
    Life or Perhaps
    A Poem From A


    Of SoUL DarK
    Thru LiGHT For

    They Feel Not What They Do 🍊


  2. For some reason this post, in particular the title, makes me think of the old Infocom text adventure games I used to play on my Commodore 64. “It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.”


  3. This hurry hurry hurry reminds me of the Stephen Sondheim lyrics ” Another hundred people just got off of the train and are looking at us , who got off of the bus. A city of strangers…”


  4. I hope this is not going to be your last post. If this were April 1, I would be a lot less worried. But whether you really mean it, or this is just a fictitious head game. Keep in mind that there are others to live life for, and who need you to live life for them. Step away from the ledge, life may suck, but things will be all right in the long run.


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