The psychological power of indifference

Here’s a short story. Maybe just a flashpoint. There was once upon a time a woman in grand despair because she let a mean-tempered evil human get to her. This evil human was a nasty individual who above everything else was self-serving. Meanwhile the woman in despair did not want to hate but couldn’t calm down her anxiety. Such, was no way to live.

Then one day, the woman in despair was no longer in despair. It was past tense. No longer her present. And, in no way to be her future. She was good. She was whole. Or at least on her way to being whole. She had attained a new calm. Such was the the power of indifference.

They say you shouldn’t let people live rent free in your head. And, that was an absolute truth. How do you evict those freeloaders from your mind? You show them indifference. You experience indifference. You act indifferent. Once you are indifferent, they have no power over you. And, you can box them into a corner. The evil person’s power was zapped. And she was left gasping for she like a fish on a rock.

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  1. I loved the story, intense and vivid. I have heard once that indifference is the stage after hatred. Unfortunately, many of us experience this shift from one feeling to another without realising how much power (be it positive or negative) they hold. Thank you for sharing!


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