She felt full of wonder

She could see from her webcam that the package had arrived. She had been waiting and waiting and planning. It was all that she could think about for days.

She was ready to start a new life. And this box had it all. She felt full of life and possibility. She felt full of wonder.

The box. The box had it all.

The frame. The nails. The helmet. The hammer. The makeup. The music box. It was a brand new day.

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  1. “Build Thee More Stately Mansions”
    -Oliver Wendell Holmes And The Nautilus
    Both A Motto And A Logo From the Class of 1983
    Graduating With 3 Degrees All Lined Up With Spiraling
    Shape of ‘6’ Logos Emboldened Still Across the Top of my
    Desk in Plaques True Since then An Argonaut Mascot Replaces
    That Spiraling Milky Way Galaxy PHI Pattern Shell Logo For A New
    Division 2 Team That Won A National Football Championship
    At the University of West Florida
    Anyway my Sister And my
    Mother And me All
    Graduated Together
    They Did Social Work
    And i Did Anthropology,
    Social Sciences Interdisciplinary,
    And Health Science As Money Has
    Never Been A Goal Alone For me But
    What in the World Will i Build Then With
    That Class Motto of ‘Build Thee More Stately
    Nautilus Mansions’ With Doors to Chambers of
    Never Ending Creativity as Spiraling Arms Do With
    Cat 6 Hurricanes Yet to Form What Limits Are THere
    iN Building More Stately Mansions only Beyond iNFiNiTY
    of Human
    Being That
    is Beyond All
    Measure No Different
    Than Our Realities Our
    Conscious Part of our Minds
    at about 5 Percent and the Rest
    oF iT Estimated At About 95 Percent
    So What Is the
    Shape of Reality
    So What is The
    Breath of the
    Wind so
    Who Are
    We to Dance
    And Sing Forever
    Eternally Now For Real
    i Dance and Sing i Dance
    And Sing THere is No Time
    Distance Space or Even Matter
    But the Breath of Creativity Ever
    Changing Winds of Rivers Ocean
    Whole Yet Ever Changing Shores to See to Be i AM
    Please Excuse me if i don’t Do ‘5.5’ That’s Not What Ya
    Do When Ya Get out of Hell for 66 Months on a Beach And
    MoVE iNto Heaven WiTHiN For the Next 7 Years since 7.19.2013…
    So What Will i DancE SinG i Will Do A Spiral Of A PHI 6 Never Ending ALWaYS
    Building This
    Dance And ‘SoNG of mY SoUL’
    Cosmos Order Chaos MaGiCK NoW
    And God Yes A Little Bit of WHiTMaN too
    How Beautiful iT iS We BReATHE HoW LoVELY It Is to ‘See’

    PS Thanks
    for the Inspiration PM

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