Miss writing up my movie reviews

This past weekend I decided to try to “catch” a movie. I wanted to get a little bit of normalcy and tap into a sense of nostalgia. I clicked on Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey. And, for two hours I wondered why I had bothered. Back to that point in a moment.

Late last year, I was already looking forward to watching the upcoming new Wonder Woman movie. I was wondering what small-budget movie would get all the hype in 2020. I was looking forward to continuing my renewed love of going to the movies. Then a pandemic hit and the rest is history. Well, our present. Our odd present.

New York city is moving onto phase four of reopening. However, it’s being done with modifications. No indoor dining. Outdoor dining is getting a bit stricter. And, still no movie theaters. Makes sense. I myself am not too sure whether I would like to go sit in a movie theater even if only at 50% capacity. A lot of variables to take into consideration.

As I watched Birds of Prey, I started reminiscing about when I would catch a film with my son and then write up a semi-review that focused more on our family outing than the movie itself. I believe the last such one I reviewed was Knives Out which, surprisingly, my son really liked. We had turned it into a who done it game for us. We had such a lovely time that day. Had looked forward to seeing more movies together and dissecting them. I loved hearing the perspective of my 11 year old son. Now, even if we watch a movie together at home, a review doesn’t seem in order.

With that said, I don’t understand how the Harley Quinn movie was produced and released. Harley Quinn the character was just not that interesting. Hopefully, there are no plns to do any sequels. I feel perhaps that I am being a bit harsher than if I had seen the movie in the theatres. Indeed, covid-19 has changed all our lens and framing of the world. I can’t wait to be able to safely go back to the movies.

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  1. You’d think we’d be watching more movies, streamed, in lockdown than we watched before, but it hasn’t been true. Instead, we’re combing through the offerings from Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. We did a trial of CBS All Access – but found only two series we liked, and ended up giving that one up.

    A lot of TV, especially comedy, seems to be aimed at the lowest possible common denominator – for 20-30 year olds. With a different set of values (values that seem easy to blame for the petty problems they experience!). I hope I wasn’t that whiny at that age.

    Just found something called Upload that is doing better than we expected (living beyond death is a common trope now) that we’ve enjoyed because they actually get into the important things – with an interesting point of view.

    But movies, especially new ones – too big of a commitment? Even though we tell ourselves we can quit or stop for the night? I’m not sure why it’s rarely movies. Maybe because it takes so long to find one we’ll potentially enjoy, and then it’s over in two hours+. The series (we’re watching Occupied – Norway occupied by Russian in modern times now) give us the ability to commit for an hour or so at a time, and often have enough episodes so, if we like it, we don’t have to find another one for a while.

    It’s all this suspended animation feeling.


  2. When I was a child, my most memorable experience was going to the movies, until my early twenties, then I took a job on a place with no movie theaters, or TV, that lasted for five long years…

    I returned to the movie theater, but after that, something changed, I was more of a critic with the movies, and start to be more judgmental of them, I don’t know, but by the mid 90’s I was fed up with them, few even interested me, meanwhile the price of going to the theaters from cheap entertainment of my childhood, went to serious money, with worst, and worst movies, so I switched to rent them, and even that did not hold up, I start to fall sleep ten minutes into a movie, so cancel my Netflix, and threw my TV set and video recorder, when cable paying was the only way you could watch TV.

    I have not being into a movie theater in over a decade, except in the rare occasion a friend, or my daughter invite me, and honestly go reluctantly to please them, I cannot even remember what was the last movie I saw on a theater, when as a child, after school, instead of going home, I will stop at the many theaters existing then, and watch at least two movies before going home missing diner!

    I even went through a Hurricane inside a theater, and a brother and some friends of us, we did not abandon the theater, until it was roofless, and totally flooded!
    I even wrote a post about it on my blog.

    Now day, its easy to watch a movie in the computer, however I rather watch something else.
    Wonder if this pandemic, will not affect many theaters survival?

    Best regards. 🙂


  3. So Brutally Honest
    In My Movie Reviews
    i’m going to See Harley
    Quinn this morning…
    In Fact i go to
    See Her Every
    Sunday no Matter
    How Much the Orange
    Joker Abuses All She
    Says She BelieveS in
    Harley Always
    Supports the
    Orange Rotting
    Joker even if He were
    To Brag About Shooting
    Someone on 5th Avenue
    And Actually Effect it by
    Propagating Propaganda
    During A Deadly Pandemic..
    i watch the Joker’s
    Wife as Yes Harley
    Has Become Married
    To the Orange
    In the Joker’s
    Killing Field
    As Church
    State this
    Way a Curious
    And Obvious
    i See Just
    From the Back
    Pew Pretending
    With the
    Choir they called
    For Batman yet
    See me
    Their Every Move..
    It’s up to them to
    Save themselves
    Only a
    Court Reporter…
    Forces Far Above
    Me Will Effect Karma
    Case LOAD…


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