You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore

Anchors are important. They hold you in place at where you need to be. They can also proverbially weigh you down. Sometimes purposefully. Sometimes unknowingly. At times you have to ask yourself what do you want to hold onto and what do you want to move towards to. It’s important to want to see and feel empowered to reach out towards that goal. That new horizon. But you have to take the step of losing sight of that shore that serves such comfort.

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  1. I always liked the statement that, “Ships aren’t meant to stay in a harbor, they were meant to sail the sea.” and yet I still keep in mind that I need to watch the weather! Thanks for this post.

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  2. Ships Have Anchors And Sails
    Sails Serve to Explore Frontiers Yet to See
    Anchors Serve As Safe Harbors For Rough Seas
    Lose one Come Blind
    Lose the Other Sinking
    to See
    i BeLiEVE IN
    Anchors… And Sails
    i More Often Do my Wife
    More Often Anchors Sails
    i See
    Humans Are Both
    Anchors and Sails
    i Probably couldn’t Do
    All of this on my Own
    Therefore You
    Are likely
    Than me..
    i’m Still Working
    On my Anchors And Sails
    For Now i See More i Float
    Calm Eye Center Ship of Cat 6
    Hurricane so Far i Am Free Now A Safe MeOw…
    Lionesses True Kings ALWaYS Queens Are King


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