It’s not purgatory, but it’s not rooted

Floating, drifting, to and fro

There’s no there

There’s no here

It’s just about

Time is rushed and hushed

Time is somewhere

But not rooted

The shoes are well worn

Everything is a bluff


Vapor mist for a guide

Skipping heartbeat

This ain’t purgatory

But it ain’t more

Show me what you got

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  1. My Best Friend Gave me Words of Wisdom Last Night i Will share here to day Relax Give it all whatever it is you desire to the Universe and a Time And Way Will come With No Words in a Flow of Dance and Song i Find this Wisdom Self evident that the Core of Reality is Meaning and Purpose for those who connect to the Ethereal Mind of
    Art Creating
    Make like
    my New Name
    For ‘God’ Magic
    Blue Turtle Wilt Do too..;)


  2. I like the cadence to this, kind of matches the neither-here-nor-there, unknown, to-and-fro nature of feeling uprooted and ungrounded. Interesting, I really like! xx


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