She climbed those stairs to a new beginning



Sometimes we are buried so deep in our day-to-day minutia we miss some of the bigger things in life.  Sometimes we can’t help but be buried in those small bits. Conversely sometimes we can’t help but just be focused on that big picture. Perspective is often hard to achieve as we are running, recovering, and readjusting.


It is in this state of mind, in which I came to find out that a friend of mine passed away. She was one of the first true friends I made when I moved to Washington, DC after college. She helped anchor me there and remained a friend even when I left to go on my countless adventures.


She longed and worked for a better world. She aimed high and now she flies. She climbed those stairs to a new beginning.


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  1. You have my respects for your loss

    I’m not sure that’s how you’re meant to say it, but I really am crap at this kind of thing!

    And as long as that friend of yours helped you and others, she will be remembered every day in a positive way
    And that’s a legacy we can all look up to


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