That photo makes me so sad

I, like countless others, take 1000s of photographs with my phone. I also have three very nice cameras and long lens to take on my excursions. One can say I love photography and taking photos. I love capturing normal moments. Odd moments. Interesting signs. Food. I love remembering.

Growing up my family didn’t take that many photographs. I remember so clearly the day my mom got me a small camera to capture my new life’s adventures as I headed off to boarding school. It was a momentous occasion for the whole family. And, of course I needed to capture it. Even if in drips and drabs.

I have one of those collages of my baby’s photos hanging on my wall. I stand before that collage every day, at least once. I tear up from joy. I love seeing those photos and feeling happy nostalgia.

Photographs, in general, make me happy. However, there are a few photos that make me sad. And, I keep those around as well. There’s a photo of my son in his svhool uniform looking happy. Yet, I know that during that time he had been a bit unhappy as he was the new kid and had been singled out

I look at that photo and feel pain. I believe he has completely moved on from that time but I still haven’t. Seeing your kid sad or in pain can tear one apart. I still feel that pain deeply.

There are other photos that take me back to a sad moment in time. And, that’s a good thing. Life isn’t always a bunch of tulips (I’m not a fan of roses). These photographs need to remind one of those moments as well so we can learn, live, and thrive.

Some photographs may make me sad, but they help me live.

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  1. A desolate landscape tends to create sadness and accumulate memories that maybe include it in the photo of the moment. Pro is always like this, joyful moments, cover the sad and continuous life. The picture is great like all you take. Greetings.

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  2. That feeling, expressed only as a parent could, is one of the many heart wrenching and exhilarating; generated from the love of family. Thankyou Mimi. Cheers B


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