The sad cherry chomper


All he wanted to do was chomp

He was born to chomp

And a good chomp he had

Everyone told him so growing up

He could chomp, chomp, chomp with the best of them

He was boxed up

Ready to serve the world

or at least a small part of the world

Yet his  potential remained unfulfilled

He was too pretty to be a true chomper

He was cute, red and fragile

Or so, that was how he was perceived by the world

Well, rather by this small part of the world

This realm left him packaged

Afraid to bring him out into the full light

Thus, he remained unused, unproductive, and alone

No other chomper came or went

On the shelf, day after day he stood steadfast

He wanted to run and be free

He wanted to chomp away on the cherries

For surely there were cherries that needed chomping

Alas, his destiny was changed

He was to remain a pretty little thing for all guests to see

He was in a constant life parade

Standing still so all can gaze

He was admired for being so quirky and innovative

Yet, he was meant to be a chomper

Poor, little sad cherry chomper

One day your princess will come


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