My son doesn’t text me anymore

Ok. This may come off as a bit silly to many. And you shall shortly see why.

Ok. My son is nine years old. Right as he turned nine, we got him a cell phone. I was getting an upgrade and felt that he could finally use one as I was worried about him being caught up in emergency situations.  Sadly, I feel the need for him to have a cell phone in case an accident or other incident occurs at school. 

Ok. My son was greatly excited to get a cell phone. He immediately asked me to download games onto his phone. Sigh. However, I downloaded several fun apps that would supposedly enhance his communications with me. He did, then, start to text me. 

Ok. I at first, found the text messages silly. However, I then warmed up to then. They were cute, youthful, and full of a boyish innocence. My heart swelled at receiving his text messages even if he was seated next to me on the couch. He was having fun communicating with me.  We had fun with it.
Ok. He created fun emojis and images. When I was sick and quarantined, he sent me a set of messages checking in wirh me. Even while vomiting, I smiled at his text message.

Ok. Here, however, is the deal. He stopped texting. I felt sad. I want all forms of communications with my son. But, I cannot take it personally. He hardly keeps his phone handy or nearby. He is still not addicted to his phone the way most teens and adults are these days. And I can celebrate that.
Ok. I am both sad and happy that his text messages to me have slowed down.  He is still a kid interested in playing. He is still my little boy who claims his morning hugs. He is still skeptical of cell phones. While I love a text here and there. I love even more his hugs and kisses. 
Ok. I’m happy to have him continue to stay a nine year old.

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  1. My son lives on his own, finally. Pretty much the only way I can communicate with him is by text. If I call, he doesn’t answer. Text at least allows me to send him a message whoch he can then and reply as convenient. He only initiates texting when he wants something. I guess I should be glad that, at the cheonological age of 32 (emotional age about 22), he usually doesn’t need me!

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    • My twenty something daughters have both been on their own for several years now. Neither lives close by and texting is their preferred method of communication which I, like you, have come to appreciate, because it allows editing on both ends!


  2. I actually laughed when you wrote that he’s 9 years old. Kids can be the cutest and their creativity knows no bounds when they first learn how to text, it’s the equivalent of creating masterpieces on paint on the PC.


  3. I think it’s hard because you’d want it both ways, for him to text you more but also for him to not be attached to his phone. I think the latter is better for him, as far too many people seem reliant and obsessed with their gadgets non-stop. It’s lovely that he still communicates with you well in other ways and still has his hugs, so then whatever texts you do send/receive will be all the more valuable and surprising 🙂

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