The remarkable nature of my morning cereal

Well, my cereal bowl was actually not remarkable in any conventional sense of the word.   I had cereal today. That’s a rarity for me. I also had it for lunch as opposed to breakfast. I hate conventional breakfasts. I had a version of corned beef and rice for breakfast. I flipped the cript because I can and that is what my stomach and brain were craving. I am an adult and can eat what I want. Not even my doctor can dictate what I eat. Nor does she ever really try.  We have other more pressing issues to consider these days.


I ate cereal today because I was craving something crunchy. Have you ever had such cravings where you crave a texture more than an actual taste?  That’s me these days. I really wanted to crunch on something. That could have included chips, apples, and cereal.   Could almost mix all three up together. Have you seen that tweet of someone heating up their cereal on the stove? It’s kind of funny.  Which reminds me. That is something that I enjoyed during the end of the year. I laughed at many of the best-of-tweets lists that came out in December. Oh the silliness of our current culture.


Anyway, supposedly millineals are killing off the cereal industry by their increased distaste for cereals. Actually, it is supposedly due more to laziness at not wanting to wash the cereal bowl. I get that. It is at times harder to wash than other bowls.   I too have stopped eating cereals. I definitely ate them more in my 20s as they were quick and easy food.   Then, I started going out to eat more. Thus, cereals took a major back seat.


Today, I wanted cereal and surprisingly the box that I had in my cupboard was still good.   I had no fat free milk, however. All that was in my refrigerator was 2% milk. The horror! I have not had that in ages. Milk is not that tasty to me so I might as well not get many fat grams from it as that would be a waste.  But I wanted something crunchy. And so, I ate cereal with 2% milk. It was good. Now, because this experience was so remarkable, I think I am good for another year or two.  Till next time.

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  1. I think you saw my most recent post in which I confessed that breakfast is my favorite meal and I enjoy “breakfast food” any time of the day. Even in that more supposedly limited range of choices, I think, like you, I make my choices based on desired texture at the time.

    I also used to enjoy pizza for breakfast, though as an empty nester it’s something i seldom have anymore. IDK if millennials now make this choice as well, but I do know that cereals now come in single serving cups on grocery store shelves. I guess those are targeted at millennials who don’t want to have to wash out their bowls!


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