May there be love in this bread and cure his pain



He knew that he was an old soul. His body ached despite his youth. He tried to find love and heart everywhere he went. Yet, at times there was no such love back from the world. But he would continue to persist in his quest. That he promised himself.


hearty bread @Kelvin M. Knight

He looked down at his toast. It would be such a shame to mar it with jam.  What a perfect piece of bread. He smiled at his cat. If only that creature would truly talk. But it just stared and purred and maybe judged. Maybe not.


He sighed and went to his medicine cabinet. He had to take the pills. It was all that he had left to do on his lists. There wasn’t much on them these days. He downed his pills. And grabbed the perfect bread. May there be love in this and cure his pain.


He sighed and laid his head on his fluffy cat. Now it was time to dream.

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