The wannabe queen bee hates me for my shoes



There are many people that like me. That’s great I am happy and comforted by that. Even many animals take to me. This weekend, about three dogs feel in love with me within seconds. Of course, they were in a dog shelter and really wanted a forever home. I was so depressed that I left without a dog being prepped for my home.  We didn’t find that right fit. But I know we will. When I got my beloved Milo at a dog shelter over ten years ago, we were on our fourth weekend try. Then we saw him and it was love. Pure love at first sight. It will happen again. Although, my nine-year old son keeps telling me that no dog will ever replace Milo.   I am a bit perplexed by this assertion of his. Does he mean it? Does he think that is what I want to hear?   I tell him that our new dog will be loved for being him and its ok to love him to no end. It doesn’t take away from our love for our Milo.


But all of this is besides the point.   I tend to do that, you know?   It’s ok. I’m back on track.


While I love the love from the fans and friends of my life, I am also fascinated by the haters.   I am particularly tickeled by the Queen Bees that do not hide their fierce dislike of me.   It wasn’t until I watched Gossip Girl that I had really learned of the phrase Queen Bee–you know that woman who tries to be a dominant or controlling person in a particular group or squad. And I emphasize the word “tries” because many fail at being Queen Bee.



I don’t need to try.   I am who I am and that’s often top dog; not even Queen Bee. I know how that sounds. I’ll move on.  I have been tickled (which is code at times for mildly irritated and bemused all wrapped up in one) by the efforts of a particular being trying to be Queen Bee by attemtps to undermine me. What is truly tickling is that one reason for this effort on this person’s part, is that I have a lot of shoes. Proudly.


See, before I came, this person had the most number of shoes in the office taking a lot of pride in the variety.   And here I came, a shoe hurricane of sorts. My shoe collection dwarfs this person’s by a lot. And they are very cute shoes. I keep them in the office because I have a lot of meetings  for which I like to pick the perfect shoe (to be fierce, serious, approachable, etc).  I also keep over 30 pairs of shoes in the office because I have no room at home.  In this real estate market you make the most of all your spaces. What is incredible is how much I am hated for my shoe collection. This individual takes it as a personal affront. Any compliment I receive, is as if her compliment circle is being depleted.

My situation does remind me a bit of when Caitlin Jenner teased Khloe Kardashian about her shoe jealousy.   People are a bit bizarre these days in the workplace.    Must we live the Kardashian life even at work?   Oh my.   However, there is something to a shoe jealousy. Not that I want to psychoanalyze anybody. That is not what I am here for. From the dawn of time, there have een stories fiiled with shoe/footwear themes linking them to  power or magic.  Certainly, we know that the right shoe brought a life happily ever after to Cinderella. For Dorothy, her ruby red slippers teleported her back home to Kansas. Shoes, most certianly, confer an identity of being one’s own unique person.  With all that, I still don’t feel I need to let the Queen Bee know that my shoe collection doesn’t impinge in their identity. We each have our own. My heels are me and have nothing to say about anyone else.


Now, back to the dog. I am looking forward to a new dog in our lives. I won’t even mind him chewing on my shoes. However, I will probably hide them for a while.

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  1. Hahah… this concept is so foreign to me. I might be slightly tempted to call you “Imelda” from here on (30 pairs of shoes in the office, alone??) but I have no shoe envy. I’d happily send you some of mine. I want to retire to the beach, where shoes are optional. (Not clothing, I prefer not to see everyone’s dangly bits on the beach, but feet deserve to run naked ALL the time, no matter how unattractive the toes.) I despise shoes. They’re nothing but a functional necessity to keep from getting rusty nails and tetanus in my tender feet. I used to long for sexy shoes; God saw fit to bless me with an aversion to pain and size 11 feet, instead. Man sized, but sensitive, feet. At least I won’t blow over in a strong wind. That comes in handy, here in hurricane country!

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  2. I love your writing! I love your concept about the shoes. I have all of these heels, and I hardly wear them, but when I do I love them. I have often wondered if I were to work in an office again if I could have a lace for my heels. I meet want them form time to time. I have also wondered if I could bring my makeup and have a little beauty corner. I enjoy that my current schedule allows me to put on my makeup through the day, slowly. I just can not think to put on my makeup properly early in the morning. Sounds like you are enjoying life your way! Keep it up, and enjoy your new puppy.


  3. OOOH, one more thing. There is an amazing Scrubs episode. They have it on Hulu. But, you have to pay for it on Amazon. Elliot, the doctor, gets up a whole hour before she has to just to fix her hair and makeup. The other female doctors show up like they rolled out of bed, but she likes the way getting dressed up for work makes her feel. So, she keeps it up. she is even criticized by one of her supervisors. But, the janitor, who is an awesome character, he get s mad and scolds the supervisor, saying seeing “Blonde Doc looking like herself brightened his day”. I loved it.I say we do what we like. 🙂


  4. Oh my Shellbeache’s Scrubs story reminded me of my daughter in high school. I told her at work I bragged about how I never had to “force” her to get up in the morning for class, while my coworkers were complaining about that daily ritual w their daughters. My daughter just looked at me in disgust and said, “Well, obviously thooossse girls don’t care about how theirrr hair looks!” It was all about the hair : )

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