Seeing through the fog

Nowadays everyone knows about gaslighting. It seems to have become a national sport in which everyone participates one way or the other. What was just said, wasn’t really said. Your ears must be clogged up. What you just saw, didn’t really happen. Your eyes must be cloudy. Speaking […]

A lucky prime

I tell people all the time, I’m great at statistics but not at mathematics.  Some people get it. Others don’t.  It doesn’t matter. I know my strengths and limitations. And, what is up with this common core way of doing math? Anyway, this has nothing to do with […]

Yucky milquetoast

I will admit there are many people who annoy me. I believe many others can say the same. I also enjoy the company of many and chatting up a good conversation. Lately, however, I have found one particular group of people sonewhat distasteful. Perhaps distasteful is too strong […]

I am because of them

The warriors The nurturers The tough love group The haters The envious The believers The skeptics The warm smilers The angry mob The tone deaf The amplifiers The hand holders The shoulder givers The ones with faith I am because of them