100 days to go

At the crack of dawn, I put on the television and looked at social media. All day, many could only talk about was how there are as of today, 100 days left before the election. One hundred days. if the year 2020 has taught us anything it is […]

The palette of life

The palette of life. A box of chocolates. A traveling carnival. So many ways by which to frame one’s world lens. How to approach life is a daily question and struggle for her. She didn’t tire of it but she was filled with everyday skepticism. Blue was her […]

2020: The year that wasn’t

For some of us there have been some major historical events that are marked forever more in our consciousness. When 9/11 occurred I wondered for days how we would get through that feeling of sadness and despair. We got through it. We mourned. We strategized. We grew up […]